Building A Wealth Mindset.

June 12, 2021 8 Comments

Building A Wealth Mindset.

To you who is looking to make passive income and money online. Let me start by saying it is all possible but you are going to pay the price to attain what you desire, what you dream of possessing in the future, it is not going to be an easy road but will be worthwhile and rewarding in the end.

Do not be fooled by how it is easy to get online and do your research, there is more to the worldwide web than just surfing the net. There are over a billion of us trying to get into this business and competition is tough. Don’t take it for granted that you will have to work to make it to the end, in this business.

Many Affiliate Marketers have made an attempt and failed, some made a comeback only to fail again, but with the right mindset,” the wealth mindset”, anyone can make it. Don’t get me wrong, I did not say anyone can make it! I said, ”With the right mindset, The Wealth Mindset, anyone can make it”.

Wealth Mindset

Developing The Right Mindset!

If you are just looking to make a quick buck you are not in the right mindset and what I am offering is not for you. You can just click on, to find your quick buck. But I would like to make you aware there is no place where you will make a quick buck unless you make it and then lose it as quickly as you’re earned it.

I am offering you and chance to Roll up your sleeves and be ready to work for your money. There will be no easy breaks, you have to work for your wealth, like everyone who made something of themselves, hard work pays in the end. What if, I told you that in ten years you could be living the life of your dreams? Traveling the world while you work from anywhere you choose, earning passive income from streams of your businesses. What if you can if you start building your business now? Would you do it?

If you have answered “Yes” immediately, you might have misheard my question. I will repeat it. Are you prepared to embark on a ten-year journey to work consistently and diligently to build a business that may or may not succeed, depending on your effort and on how serious you take your business?

If your answer is still “Yes”, it means you are reading this text correctly and your mind is not folded by dreams of making easy money and making quick money. This a mistake that many make before taking on this beast.

It will feel like quick money in ten years, after you have worked your butt off, to build your empire. However, it is not an instant transaction as any scammers would say.

Why all these questions? – The many failed affiliates who left, were not clear on the time it takes and the effort required to build an empire of this magnitude. To their demise, they never even knew, truly of the benefits that were being offered to them in a long run.

Seeing The Vision Is Not Hard But Building One Is.

This is where we lose the right mindset. When the vision is so easy to see but the brain does not recognize the time frames in relation to the vision. It takes time to build something worth bragging about, But our generation has learned not to work but to look for easy ways to make it. This has made us lazy to do things that are worth our time.

The tools of our business have taught us that it is easy to reach the top of the game if we are willing to bend the rules and cheat. We are not even familiar with sayings like easy come easy go. Our governments and leadership‘s corruption and dragging cases of corruption have given us the notion that we can get away with criminal activities and now we fail to set our minds towards hard work and delaying gratification.

Building An Affiliate Marketing Business.

From the very first day, you should be thinking content, eventually, that is what will make your great online business. What you put into your business will be the source of your success. Content is not just any doodles. What will make you successful are well-thought articles that will bring positive change into the lives of your readers?

If you have something to write about or you think you have something to talk about well, rethink because you will have to talk about it for years to make it work. Some say you could become an expert at anything if, you dedicate yourself to it and keep building on your knowledge and level of skill. That is true, but there must be a great level of passion in the specific topic you would like to converse about for that number of years.

I used to think or rather I still think I can write about anything, but if I do not have passion for your topics, it is like pulling out a tooth without an anesthetic. The tooth might come out but with excruciating pain. Now imagine doing that for years on end. It is best to get an anesthetic, a passion for your writing will go a long way.

falling hard to your passion!

Your Niche Is Your Wealth.

  • Have you heard of a business that is built on someone’s hobby?
  • Would it not be nice if your hobby was your business?

Well, that is what we call your Niche, in this business. Some people struggle to find their passion and have to go through the struggle of writing with no passion, in the wrong Niche.

It is paramount that you find the best niche and the one you are truly passionate about. Here are some reasons to choosing what you already love to write about.

  • You already have the content.
  • You have the experience with your topics.
  • You are happy to share the topic.
  • You may be at the point where sharing about your topic is natural.

Before you even start, make sure you have the correct niche and you are comfortable writing or producing content within that niche. Ask yourself if you could produce over 200 articles of over 2000 words. That is 400 000 words in a year, that is only for an average of one article a month.

Imagine having to write, say three articles in a month. That would take you a total of over 1200 000 words a year. That is how important it is to have the correct niche to write on.

writing content with passion.

Finances Are Not Something To Play With.

If you were thinking of playing with your well, earned cash I would advise you to go to a casino. Starting a business in Affiliate Marketing is an investment you should take seriously.

The money you spend should have been planned for and you should be prepared to lose it if you do not work at building your business. We are not in the business of losing income, so be prepared to work for your investment and not lose focus on your goals.

Setting your goals in a way that will ensure productivity and great ROIs is a great point of departure when it comes to “the Right Mindset”

How Much Are You Planning On Investing?

Decide on this and not go over budget. Planning is important when you wish to bring a positive cloud to your new business. Set it out from the begging and you will always know the legitimacy of your efforts are going.

Objective goals will draw a clear path for you and your growth.

The monthly premiums are varied on my Number one choice The Wealthy Affiliate, their first Week is free and you can learn a lot from the business, and then comes the first month that is at a good discount of $19. The second month and on will then be $49 monthly. You can opt for a better option premium plus for $99 in a month.

I would start with the free week, and check it out. And move on to the premium package until my business is on the go. You could get discounts on a yearly subscription.

When your mind is set on your desire to start, your niche is selected and your mind is made up about your budgets. Then your mindset is almost at the point of commitment.

Committing To Your Online Business.

There are many challenges to this next step, cultivating a mindset for this is also vitally important. There is a range of challenges that come with your commitment. Many of us run away from commitment even if it is good for us.

The challenges will include your support system. I have had many affiliates telling stories of the difficulty they face with their family and friends.

The first challenge is getting your loved ones on your side. If you are on your own this task is almost done. Family and friends can be skeptical when you go into something unorthodox like an online business. The new territory is suspicious and we have not been trained to recognize these opportunities as such, but only schemes.

If you think of it, the business that you are looking at getting into could be a legacy to your loved ones, for generations to come. Now, why would it be easy to digest while the whole of society does not want anyone to be wealthy?

We are so comfortable living in poverty than accepting a sign of progress that demands us to break away from our old ways. We then choose to see this opportunity as a scheme, rather than an opportunity, while we desperately try to protect our limited life, of living from hand-to-mouth. This is what we have been conditioned to accept as normal

Poverty Is Not a Permanent Condition, It Is Taught And Can Be Unlearned.

Which subject at school is designed to teach our children to become wealthy? The main purpose of school is to teach dependency and a life of work and doing what is expected of us in society. I cannot remember any training that said I would be able to leave a life of my choice if I did certain things with my life.

We are caught up in our life of owing and paying bills. When something of worth comes up we run and hide from any possibility of wealth because of Fear.

There are many Entrepreneurs who have stumbled on this truth and made a killing with their knowledge. We continue to enlighten those who seek true financial freedom.

  • Are one of them? 
  • Are you a seeker of financial freedom?

rags to riches


Looking to start an online business demands an altered mindset that is aimed at true growth and freeing you from generational poverty.

The process will demand from you, dedication and diligence. Not everyone is on that level of thinking and you need to cultivate that mindset in a short space of time. If you make that change you will be on your way to building your empire.

This is not a promise that it will be a walk in the park, but it is an opportunity to build a real business that will secure financial freedom for you and your loved ones’ for generations.

The same family you may have once had to build a mindset against to be able to build a business like this one. Imagin Ten years have gone by and you can now welcome your disbelieving family back to enjoying the fruit of your toil.

It only takes believing in your ability as an individual. Individuals build multinationals and then invite everyone to share in the fruit of their toil.

You can also teach them to build as you learned how to build. Starting with “The Right Mindset”.

Be a pioneer today and reinvent yourself and build for the multitudes. Many successful businesses are a result of one individual taking the stance and going against norms and choosing to be the difference. Not to follow in the footsteps, but be the new trail to be followed by those who seek a better life.

I welcome you as a fellow pioneer to start your legacy and grow your business to its glory. A business realized today, a business for the future, and a business in ten years’ time.

Congratulation! You, future dot com billionaire. The sky is the limit we start small to become as big as we can.

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8 thoughts on “Building A Wealth Mindset.”

  1. Hi Ntlhane, this is such powerful content and full of information. Thank you for this. I will definitely follow your steps or take you as an example.
    Blessings to you

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read Angel. You have no idea how uplifting are your words. We all need that to be the best in all we do. I wish you well in your journey, and please feel free to ask for assistance.


  2. You are so right with what you said, this line of work takes hard work and patience to be a success. Success dose not come overnight. You will have to work hard and smart to make it in this business.

    1. You have hit it on the anil Norman.

      It is also better to go into business knowing all you are against, instead of going in blindly with misguided thinking.

      Thank you for taking the time to read.


  3. Building any successful business requires hard work, patience, and perseverance but unfortunately, only a few people are ready to wait to see the result. Affiliate Marketing is lucrative but it takes time to see the result.
    Thank you for the awesome insight.

    1. You are most welcome, Muslimah. Thank you for taking the time to visit our site. We hope you will pay a visit again. Thank you for your insight on Affiliate Marketing. We welcome your input all the time.

      You are well appreciated.


  4. Lots of work of wisdom here. Without a wealth mindset, there is no chance for sustained success. It comes down to being willing to receive and that is dependent on feeling that we deserve this success. Once the mindset is in place, it is just a matter of learning the basics of the area that one chooses to focus on, and then it is just a matter of time to reap the benefits of our efforts. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    1. Thank you, William, for paying us a visit. If we could focus long enough to build the right-thinking then there is hope. But it takes more than just hope, desire willingness to work hard and the passion to start. And yes, I agree, then there is nothing standing in our way except time.



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