Fear and business.

November 30, 2020 2 Comments

Fear has tripled the number of enterprises that go down and it is the main course of why those who faced their fears flourished. It is surprising how this fear has lost entrepreneurs billion Dollar companies but business people still continue to entertain fear while in business. Fear and business.

I can think of two popular stories that I have read about bout these guys who were not going for money but had great ideas that made Billions for the others who were fearless in their pursuits. Was it fear or was it just the lack of enthusiasm to capitalize on their creation that lost McDonald Brothers their birth rite. I am more inclined to think the first is the truth.

Why would I conclude it was fear?

I have lived with fear since I was born and even though I archived a lot through Grace, I cannot shake off the feeling that should I have not been the chicken I have been I would have thrived in anything I put my mind to.

I had a number of business ventures as a child and they never really worked out. Maybe is that I never saw them as Business Ventures but as things, I was doing because I was told I should do so. I am not sure why I did what I did and for what reasons. No Business Plan.

Looking back I think I did not do it for the money, that I made doing these jobs. The money was never great money, but I was happy doing it. I was not that ecstatic about what I did, but it feels just a little more than being only fine. Coming to think about it I was fearless doing all these projects.

My First Business – Lessons 101

I remember having this movie house that was not so great, the floors were rocky, and chairs unbalanced on the floor. There was not that much traffic it was just my friends and neighbors who came to my movie house. I remember putting up posters around the township; I was scared of doing that bit. Maybe that is why I never put enough posters around the township, but still, I was doing it. I took trains to Johannesburg to collect the films. And to get this projection bulb that kept breaking that was fearless. Maybe I was fearful with some duties fearless with what I liked. I am not sure why I felt like I was not happy doing this.

My mom had been an actress for a long and one of her movies “The spin of death” was played at our movie house. That’s where my conundrum lies, did we start the movie house just for that reason? So we could play my Mom stories or was it business? Believe me, I was my Mom’s greatest fan but something never really took off. Was it because of my lack of passion for the Business or was it?

There were ones a great day when all the ushers from the local movie house came to my place I was so thrilled that I managed to get them to my house. Maybe they came to spy. I would have never thought that as a child. Maybe I was just naïve.

Passion vs Fear in Business.

I think the absence of fear can also be detrimental to your business. Maybe it should be a balance of both passion and fear. I tell my Performing Arts students that stage fright never goes away; you merely learn to perform with its presence. It is what drives you, to do well. Immediately you lose it you are no more as good a performer as you were. So be a little fearful, so that you can be cautious and not do deals impulsively and a little less fearful to be courageous enough to make those risky deals that pay of well.

Some may miss understanding what I mean to say. Stage fright is an awareness that you are about to grace your audience with your skill. Then when adrenalin kicks in and you are high on performance energy you take control, like a superstar. But if you start flat, there is nothing to give you that rise to start.

When the fear tells you don’t Do!

Our upbringing teaches us to be afraid to lose money. So we grow up being afraid to lose what we don’t even possess. That is just plain fearfulness. Nothing prepares you for the business world. The way we ran our business then was not a great way as we had no planning for the money we made. We did not take care of our profits and we did not care if we made money. That was not a good business model. What is a good business model?

These were actions of someone without fear. If we were slightly fearful we would have saved some of the money we made for a rainy day, like they say it was all too easy. Now with the businesses that that would have given me heart palpitations, I would have done nothing. Hence I never really did try to go for them. Just because I had a lot to lose and I was afraid to put it all out there. Here fear lost me the courage to even start.

Get rich quick mentality.

It is now clear to me that the reason why someone like me, would keep allowing them to be cheated. It is because it is easy to do so. I am torn between myself and my new business; I have been putting in time but that is doable. It is not easy even though it feels easy it is not. That is why I am forever scared it will be all lost because it feels easy to me. Maybe I am just used to hard work, or maybe time will tell or this might just too good to be true.

If you are used to struggling, I doubt if you would realize that some things are meant to be good and easy.

I mean to say if it feels easy I should be a sign that you are chasing the wind. But why should it be hard in order for it to be real? I am at a loss for words. Guess it will take me a lifetime to come up with those answers. In the meantime, I am willing to work to make this work.

In conclusion

Be fearful but not afraid. The most fear I feel is of failing to impress those who matter most to me. And that is crippling sometimes. I should not care what anyone says.

I can be confident and unafraid but that will come with revenues and time. In the meantime, there is a great deal to be learned. This is a great field of knowledge and it will take a lifetime to conquer. Let’s take it one step at a go and hope. When fate is on our side we may realize our hope.  If we fall for scammers, cheats we may rise a little wiser.



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2 thoughts on “Fear and business.”

  1. I love this and totally agree with you! It’s fear that stops us from accomplishing anything in life, from business starting or just doing something we want to do!

    Fear gets in the way sometimes! I would love to hear about your experiences with your own business and how you specifically overcame fear! 

    Thank you for sharing!

    1. You are most welcome.

      I hope you are fighting your fears and keeping them under control. Many Entrepreneurs are crippled by fears and fail to make headway, which is such a shame. Imagine how far we can go if we conquer our fears.

      Thank you, for reading.



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