How easy it is to build a website?

December 15, 2020 0 Comments

Your “Mission” has been set, Build your first Wealthy Affiliate website!

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Hi E.O.B.Affiliate,

By now you should see that the Business landscape is not the same In the Digital world, although many of the aspects are still relevant from the traditional way of doing business. That is why your training will play an important role in your development. Your mission is to create a website that is going to allow you, to bring your vision to life. Your mission is to acquire tools that are going to allow you to able to maintain your site for the duration of your online business life.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you get a choice of two methods towards this goal. Both methods will get you ready to run your business.  The first method is Training that has 5 Levels that help you with understanding the nature and environmental aspects of online business.

The second is the Boot Camp training, with 7 Levels that will help you set up your Wealthy Affiliate linked Niche. Either way, you will have the skills for both types of websites though, in the end, you might have to make a choice to continue with one. It is advised to do so, one website needs attention and with two websites it will be hard. A website, though it might take under Ten minutes to set up it will take you a lifetime to build and maintain.

Work towards your success.

As you follow this new form of “Mission” through an Action plan set by your training. You may need to clarify your Budget so that it does not set you back and you start doubting this whole process. It is not easy securing funds to start an enterprise like this one at Wealthy Affiliate. To survive this you will need to make sure that you cover all your basics. Do you Due Diligence!. Your Budget will have to make sure you have planned for the following line of items.

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Budget items – Resources:

  • Compute – PC or, Laptop, or iPad.
  • Communication – Cell phone
  • Access to –
    • A reliable source of Electricity.
    •  A reliable source of Wi-Fi and Data
  • A space you can work in without interference.
  • Banking facilities:
  • PayPal
  • Payoneer
  • Online Resources:
  • Wealthy Affiliate Premiums
  • Domain purchase Allowance – At least for one of two domains to start.

The line items above are the basics you will need.  As we are not the same, some will need more than others. That will depend on where are you starting from? Some may have all the items above, some might need to add just two more and some may need a whole lot more.

(Please read through my “Due Diligence” and Budget Planning Posts before you continue)

When you have done Your Due Diligence you don’t have to panic and feel frustrated about paying for more than you have planned for…

This is what I mean –

It is advised that you may have to pay the following before you go any farther:

  • Whole years Wealthy Affiliate fees.
  • Up Grade you Jaaxy Facilities to Enterprise.

“Think about it before you continue? How much are we talking about? I was not impressed when I had to pay because I did not plan for them, but they are good adjustments to your budget so I considered?

If you had not planned for these items it sure feels like a rip-off?  To avoid that set your line items and be sure you cover all sides. Although paying these upfronts have its benefits if it is demanded, not planed, a surprise like that would get anyone infuriated. It is uncomfortable and the correct thing to do will be to wait till you have planned for these items and you have the money. Remember you are the ruler of this universe. It is your business, so mind your business.

Please add these line items to your budget if you can afford them. It will be worth your while in the long run.

The best way to present your budget is on a spreadsheet (I use Ms. Excel – find the one you are comfortable using), this way you can make calculations, use formulas to add selected rows. Use the line items set above and draw up a start-up Budget for your new Business. Your Budget should ideally have a column for line Item and description, Cost of the Item, Budget allocationsand who is to make those Actions.

In conclusion.

There can never be enough Budgeting, you need to keep looking at it and your revenues vs expenditures make adjustments where you can. No vital items should ever be left out. You don’t want to find yourself paying penalties for something you could have avoided. I wish you all the best with your new business.

Plan well.


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