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December 29, 2020 2 Comments

Achieve your goals.

At Wealthy Affiliate, there is a phrase that you will learn during training, “A Call to Action”. It is a way to engage your audience to participate physically and interact with your articles. Without action the will be no results. In order to progress we have to remain in action mode. Doing a simple act as writing this article is an action. It does not happen haphazardly, an appointment was made for the laptop to meet with my fingers at this time to complete an article on the action and how to create an action plan.

For the action to take place we had to have:

  • Participants – In this case, it is me and my laptop.
  • Tasks or duties to do – To create an article on Action.
  • Designated Place – In my living room at home.
  • Time frames – First thing in the morning till breakfast time.
  • Someone to Overlook the Action – It is always a good idea to have someone in charge for accountability.

This is not a foreign concept we use action plans on daily basis to manage our day-to-day activities. We may have different ways to call it but at its core, it is action planning, like:

  1. Schedules for when we eat meals in our home.
  2. A set time to wake up and prepare for work and School.
  3. Schedule for house chores.
  4. A doctor appointment.
  5. Schedule for cleaning the house etc.

Without these small Action Plans, we would not eat regularly in a healthy way; we would be forever late for work and school; our homes would be unclean; I think you get the idea. So it is imperative that the plan is in place regardless that it is written down or not. But one thing for sure you have to communicate and use whatever means to make sure the items of the Action plan are completed. There are tools to help, that you can use to make sure tasks are completed.

Now that we can see the importance of having a plan to act and making a plan let look closer at what we need to build an Action Plan.

What goes into an Action Plan?

Our opening has already suggested what makes an Action Plan here is a formal way you would go into Planning.

We have looked at Vision in our earlier Articles and Agreed that our mission is set in Our Wealthy Affiliate Training. There is a lot of Action in the training as well. What I noticed is that in business we take into account that our employees will be at work for a specific time frame. We tend not to care what happens in their personal time.

These are changing times and being at Wealthy Affiliate has presented these changes in a unique way. My action is now split between my full-time job (an Educator at a school), my Lifetime job (a father and a house executive), and my newly acquired (an Affiliate Marketer in the making). Not one Action Plan will do. An integrated Action plan is required to make sure that there is a success on all fronts.

What is the purpose of an Action Plan?

  • It shows the Direction of the company – It gives a clear and decisive way on how the company or what the company should be doing and when it should be doing certain actions in order to achieve set objectives.
  • With clear objectives in Vision and Mission – The plan becomes a reminder of great things that the company is working towards. It also serves as a great motivational point.
  • It promotes accountability and gives measures of Success or Failure.
  • The plan can be used to shine or highlight certain aspects to create an order of tasks and prioritize for the most important to the not so important.
  • There are many types of Action Plans used for different purposes and short periods and very long periods of time.

What to put in your Action Plan?

When we looked at Vison and Adopted our Mission we also set goals / Objectives that we would like to achieve. The set goals and objectives should be As SMART as they can be. Each and every aspect of the plan should be smartly tested before being added to the plan.

S is for Specific – clear and to the point specific. We know exactly what we are aiming for.

M is for Measurable – We can quantify our results in terms of progress, Success, or Failure. We can even set milestones/indicators to see if there is progress.

A is for Achievable / Attainable – There are things we can use our Abilities, Time, and Resources.

R is for Relevancy – Do they align with our Vision, Mission, and all the other objectives.

T is for Time-sensitive – They should have a beginning and an end.

Let’s look at some of the elements, as a Wealthy Affiliate, my plan will include me as:

  1. Educator (this could be any job you are in at present)
  2. Father (This could be any responsibilities you have outside your work)
  3. And Affiliate (this could focus on the kinds of duties and research you would do for your specific Niche)

Now, work on your Affiliate Action Plan.

  1. Start with a list of Objectives / Goals you would like to pursue. Remember to do the SMART test on these. Each Objective must have its own test.
  2. Second Use the SMART results to compile steps that you will need to follow to get to your Goals. You can already prioritize the steps. Ask yourself, what are the most important tasks to do first? And set an order of priority from most important to not as important. You can use other means of selection, like from the easiest task to the most difficult. Set specific time restrictions and limits. Phase the work as you please and set indicators of completed sections of each task. Involve everyone who will be assigned a task set a chain of command to maximize communication and reporting progress to keep records of phases/task/ subtasks done.
  3. Third Set dates for milestones to be reached / deadlines and progress reports.
  4. Fourth keep records of all small and large achievements, Challenges, and failures.
  5. Fifth Superimpose your budget over actions that need to be taken, what other resources do you have? Do you have access to free resources free Wife, Books, and manpower?
  6. Sixth Roleplay your plan, Act it out, and visualize how you will go through specific actions. See yourself succeed. Put the plan in everyone’s way to lead everyone. Use schedules, Set reminders use technology (cell phones, WhatsApp groups, and find suitable managing software)
  7. Seventh monitor everyone’s progress including yours, Read interim reports and statistics evaluate and re-evaluate implement change should there be a need

Realize that, although it might look or sound like you are already implementing your Action Plan, you are still planning. You must plan to plan so that you may succeed. Remember that if you fail to plan you are already planning to fail.

If you do not have an Online Business yet and would like to try your newly found ideas on planning towards your own Online Business.  Try planning around some of the best online business programs. Starting with My number one choice of all times:


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There are loads of Action plan templates. Using something generic works but don’t limit your reach with someone’s way of thinking. Use your intuitions and your abilities. It is not about using the most expensive software or using some special planning techniques for some institution, it all about planning well to succeed and implementing your plans to reach the best results given your challenges.

When you see a boat heading for a cliff you stare it away from danger. You do not just go blindly because you are following a plan. Plans do change, when that happens communicate, communicate, and communicate.

Find a template that works for you or create one unique to your way of working and start planning for 2021.

Thank you for reading.


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2 thoughts on “How to create an action plan –”

  1. You are so right, as having a plan or call to action, you make yourself accountable to yourself and it is only taking action that yields results in the end.

    I find it helps a lot to plan out each week ahead of time and then each day the night before. If I write down what actions I must perform on a set day, there is more chance that I will actually do it. That way I feel a sense of accomplishment when I can look at my list at the end of the day and see everything that I have achieved.

    Was just wondering if you use an app or software to plan with, or do you do it the old fashioned way with a pen and paper like I do?

    1. It is wonderful that these skills are still being applied. I agree with you, your Overall Plan can and should be simplified into smaller chunks as in monthly, weekly, daily, and even minute to minute using a timer. That helps with productivity,   and you archive a lot more that way. 

      I use a blender and add many tools I have picked up along the way. Desk calendars are great supplemented by  Google Calendar – I can set appointments and reminders and more and that is a free service. I have used management apps as well. I will be reviewing them as we move on.

      Thank you, Michel, for your insightful commentary. I look forward to your next visit. Are there apps you would like us to feature?



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