How to find a Job you like?

March 21, 2021 4 Comments

It is not easy securing a job many of us who are still looking and not finding our dream jobs, find ourselves frustrated at the thought of searching for so long. Many will end up taking whatever job that comes along because of fear that the dream job might not come along.

I remember thinking it will all be easy after college/university to get a great job, make loads of money and live a happy life. How many of us felt that way? What a disappointment when things don’t work out as you had planned/thought they would?

The truth is it is not the same for everyone. There are some of us who are lucky and will immediately after college, get into our dream jobs, with all the right connections it is easy for them to progress. Some don’t even know where to start. There are factors that may lead to the success or failure of a graduate after college. And these may include the following:

  • Knocking on the wrong doors.
  • Pride, and not willing to start at the bottom.
  • Loss of self-esteem due to unemployment.
  • Being overqualified.
  • Lack of resources.
  • Laziness.
  • No interest in taking part in life.
  • No desire to start their own enterprise.

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Is there a formula to life?

There is no specific order or a hierarchy in terms of which is mostly the course of unemployment or being un-employable.  There is not even a formula on how you can overcome this but sheer luck persistence and being stubborn till you get somewhere. Everyone’s journey is not the same. And there is no point making comparisons. It is life and it happens however there are things one can do to be at least eligible for success.

  • Acquiring a coach or mentor.
  • Creating a CV / résumé.
  • Registering with a good Employment Agency.
  • Register for internships.
  • Take pastime jobs that are not related to your qualification.
  • Travel to enrich life experiences.
  • Explore other possibilities.

We tend to be court up in a specific plan and fail to explore what life has to offer and we end up stuck in a rut. Even when opportunities present themselves we fail to see them because of a preconceived idea of how our lives will turn out. The trick is to be open to what life suggests and takes those risks we have never thought of taking and there could be a chance for success.

I cannot emphasize that there is no perfect plan that has been laid out, on which you can follow step one right to the final step in life. I learned soon in life that this maze is to be navigated by insight, gut, and intuition. Logic works only partially, sometimes ignoring logic can help you connect with karma/fate or purpose see things happening your way.

When school was done.

When school is done we think this is the time to get into a school that is going to set you up for the job of your lifetime. Some families are willing to go to illegal routes (using “side doors” and” back doors”) to get into Ivy League Colleges/Universities. Paying close to millions to secure that kind of education that we so much think sets you up for life. Is this an illusion of prestige? Not everyone makes it.

If we know these possible truths about the system we could maybe start working towards building our wealth immediately after High School. But at that age, there is not much experience to help anyone navigate their lives to success. That is why you need a program that will support you in many ways to ensure you succeed and not end up with an education you cannot use to secure a job or even start a business.

Scammers are also aware of this anxiety and feeling of confusion and desperation and they feed on it. Many innocent fall prey to these vultures with the hope of making it and building wealth for themselves. Many don’t do Due Diligence and set themselves up for failure. I sympathize with the victims, it is not easy to see the difference between a Scam and the real deal. Many Scams go on for long before you can realize it was a scam.

Business is a risk.

Going into business is not guaranteed that you will find success. You do all you can to make sure your business makes it. Legitimate businesses will also fail if there is no Proper Planning. There is a lot of planning that goes into Businesses. Action Plans, Marketing Plans, and Budgeting, and they’re still no guarantee. So taking a chance should be on something that may give you the freedom to make it for the rest of your life. There is still work to be done to maintain a residual income with the support of you and generations to come.

Affiliate Networking

I have to be honest at first I thought that meant I would build the website and it would automatically start growing cash. Everyone looks for a get-rich-quick scheme. Whether it is in Trading, Cryptocurrency anything on the internet seems to be easy. Well, it is not and it should not remember “easy come easy go”. Do not be afraid to work for what will give you financial freedom.  Stop looking for “Back Door” or “Side Doors” that do not work. If you find one would you share it?

Online Businesses

These are businesses that work with respectable companies and should be clear how they work. There are policy documents and elements of Governance that show the legitimacy of the programs that you will be affiliating for. It is not for free, there some investment that is required from your side. At first, it looks like a lot to give but when the rewards come you will be happy you made the investment. There are over a million in this network, and every day you can read stories about successes that members have gone through.

There is a lot to learn and each day you gain skills that will help you move closer to your goal. Set your goals and work towards them. It will be hard work and requiring loads of time. I still repeat it will pay off over time. I can’t say how much time it will take when I do I will definitely let you know. For now, I am working on it.

It has Been Only Five Months.

I have been that long and I am yet to make my first commission. I have to be honest; I have great doubts and cannot guarantee if I will be victorious. All I have to show is two websites, this one and My internet presence gives me hope I have only to learn and continue to learn how this business works.

Have a look at my sight and join me now and start building your empire. Or you can wait for when the time is right for you. I hope it is not too late for you to start making it.

I am currently working as an Educator and it pays the bills, do not be drastic in your actions towards financial freedom, I have been in the past and it does not end well. Nurture your relationships and do your work the best you can while you build for the future. When the time is ripe you will know when to take the next step.

Faith in your next step.

While I am not confident I will be victorious, faith guides me to my next step. I continue to work on my sites daily and build content. When you do choose your niche and build your site. Make it something you really into. You are not going to write one article and you are done. Your Passion for your niche will drive your article output, and that needs to be consistent to build trust in your website.

Your drive will help propel your site to generate traffic and the traffic will be translated into revenue and commission.

In conclusion

Whether you are looking to get a great education, travel to gain life experience, or immediately start building your wealth, as long as you start you will be well on your way to success. As an affiliate, you will learn and become an expert in what you do chose to write about.

There are obviously fears that will make you question your path and if you come out on the other side victorious. Well, it makes no difference because I am already making difference in someone’s life as I write as I share this experience. Whether my journey leads to success I don’t know I am a winner as I have always wanted to share my story. And one of them is this journey to financial freedom and I would like to be part of yours as well. So join me!



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4 thoughts on “How to find a Job you like?”

  1. Fortunately, I discovered my dream job early on and now get to use that knowledge and experience in creating an online business to benefit others in many ways. Thanks for your many insights into this area. All the best.

    1. Yes, I agree with you William, If you are fortunate you get to work in your field of business, but I am one of the unfortunate though I appreciate my journey as well. The great life experience comes in handy in this line of work. I would have definitely started here should I have found knowledge about Affiliate Marketing then. The post is for those who are searching now for a career in online business.

      Thank you, for taking the time to read.


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