How To Make Money At A Young Age

February 25, 2021 7 Comments

Was school worth it?

School time is out and twelfth grade is done and you are ready for college. This is the most natural step to take. All the years you have been investing in for your education are about to culminate in you, taking the next level of Education. Higher Education.  Depending on your performance last year, you may or may not, enter institutions of higher learning.

Should you get a job after college, you better be able to negotiate your way through low income to high income earning. that is if you manage to secure a job. It is unfortunate that some may find it difficult to get employment and when they get a job, good luck keeping your job. Well, some are fortunate enough to retain their jobs. In this economy anything is possible, next week might be your last week, and then what?

Why does it take long to make it in Life?

I could never understand why it takes longer for individuals to see their worth sooner in life. We do not try to break out on our own from an early age, we all have a dream of making plenty of money and living the life of our dreams, but we wait till the last minute to try for that. Is it even possible?

I doubt if we will find any answers, as we are never taught to be wealthy at school. All the thirteen years we are taught to function in our society, to become employed, to raise our families but we are never taught to become millionaires, and yet everyone wants to be a millionaire. So, we all try and follow the education plan, study, and secure a job. Eventually, we realize that that life is not going to be as lucrative as we had hoped, then we seek means to fix what we could not archive for the first half of our lives, for the rest of our lives.

What if you could start to build wealth in the first half of your life?

For all the millionaires out there how did you make it? Is this a question that can be answered? Yes, But is it ever answered? No. Those who make the cut never tell. When they do tell, it is so that they can gain more wealth. For their gain and for them to become richer and wealthier.  Well, I believe I am on my way to experiencing monetary wealth and would like to share with you what I will do to get there and so draw a map for you to follow. That does not sound like a good plan, you might think. It is definitely not a plan that would be thought of by an ordinary millionaire. To just share such secrets for free?

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Well, I am not an ordinary Millionaire I am special and that is why I would like to share this special news with you.

We are all on the journey to be Millionaires but we do not know it yet.

I have till now been striving for spiritual and life riches and I am glad to have been blessed abundantly with a great life. My life is worth way more than anything on earth. We all have been thinking of monetary wealth while we receive the wealth of life daily, but we have been going the wrong way trying to achieve it.

Spiritually I have been gifted in a heart that sort Love, Peace, and Joy. But these too my eluded me if I am always made to believe that my monetary wealth or rather lack of could collapse my success in attaining Love, Peace, and Joy. I have never paid attention to materialistic things. As a child thought I was fortunate enough to have parents who wanted good things for me and I could get them when they could afford them. I felt that most of the time I was taught that we are not rich if we don’t possess the supposed wealth. If our money does not satisfy our desire to spend and provided the ability to spend as we please, we are then poor. This is true but our pursuit of this desire is the reason we are not wealthy.

We should then desire not to spend our wealth but find the means to grow it and keep it. It does not matter when you start but the sooner you start the more wealth you can make.

That feeling translated as poverty. From an early age, I found a way to shut this desire out and had a very rich life. I raised a family through grace.

Negative talk brings about poverty.

I was then made to realize that grace was not enough. My eyes were opened and I saw how my children were staved and deprived of the life they deserved, so my quest for Monetary wealth started very late in life. Should I have started immediately after grade twelve I don’t think I would have led the life I have. It was great but it could have been amazing.

As a late starter, one thing I learned in life is that, there is never enough and the more you desire, the less you think you have. you desire more and think you are poor.

Paradigm shift.

If you are prepared to start working towards making money and keeping it. Brace yourself. It may not be the best option if you desire only monetary wealth. I do appreciate the spiritual and life wealth as well and would like to share with you a balance of both worlds.

I have had to pay my way with borrowed funds to start off. I have managed to receive without requesting. I might have requested through my countless prayers. They were answered and I finished my Grade twelve and even archived a National Diploma Qualification in Architectural Technology, though I never really worked in the field, only for a year of training and another after qualifying.

I found life and pleasure in the Arts and I managed to touch many lives through this. I also thought I could find wealth in fame but it was never as enough. Like I said if you think you don’t have enough then you think you are poor.

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What you have is Enough, you are adequate.

Does one ever find success to their level of desire? No. But if you do you are home. I remember reading a self-help manual that suggested that I look at my life and picture my death /rather my funeral and to imaging if I would be happy with the eulogies and who would be at my funeral. I remember feeling very disappointed, I changed the course of my life since then, to end up where I am today. I was not enough, I desired more from myself and my life. So I chased my desires.

Self-help or not, when a shoe fits you wear it. I was displeased with the state of my affairs and I sort out change. Was the change for the best I do not know but I am here today, and I love how I feel about my imaginary death should it come.

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Back to school, what was the point?

Our school produced a 100% pass this year and all the learners were happy with their results. I remember the same joy and excitement, but that quickly turned sour. My first two years after Grade Twelve were a challenge for me. It was a while before I could travel to the Cape to study Architectural Technology. It was not that straightforward; it was at least three years before I would start with my studies. That is after I faced difficulty with finances to pay for my studies.  Like I said previously being blessed as I have I was able to complete my studies in 1998 after completing grade twelve in 1992.
“Great I have my Diploma now I can find a job and start making loads of money”. 

Peer Pressure or Guardian Pressure – Which is better?

Many learners ask me what will be of me; my parents want me to study this and not that. How will I choose? My response to them is always: “success comes to people who meet opportunities with great preparations”.  You don’t have a choice. Take what is available and prepare yourself, build your skillset. If you are not prepared, there is no way you can take advantage of the opportunities available.

I quietly propose that they accept what is offered as preparation for the opportunities that will come in the future.

I know that young people would defy their parents to follow their dreams. The truth is they never defy their parents they sort out their guardians’ support to follow their dreams. Well not everyone goes after their dream. The trick is to know what you are able to do and accept what you cannot change. The worst is leaving your parents’ dream only to realize you are not where you want to be ten years down the line.

No regrets I would do this the same way again.

Did I do what I wanted to do with my journey? No! I did what I thought was the right thing to do. It is only now that I have invested in something that will earn me residual revenue for the rest of my life.  Is this what I wanted to do? Yes. But I had no clue how to do it then. I had no support to find it out. But now in my forty’s I am on track. I could have stated this ages ago if I had known. Well, you know now, how much more time will you waste before you act to secure wealth for the future. It will also take a while, definitely not 13 years.

Time wasted can be regained through the use of Experience.

Did I have to wait this long to be on track? No! But I had to take the Journey to have the insight that I have now. As the years went by I saw more and more graduates living their place of study only to be unemployable. I even trained many with government funding only to lose them to jobs that had nothing to do with their training.

I saw this first hand as the directors of NGOs I worked for could not be confident to suggest their own graduates for jobs that came available. I realized here that we invest in training and studies but not guaranteed we will secure that job and leave happily ever after.  Our families rely on us to take them out of poverty because we studied but it does not work that way.

Midlife crises – Break free of your chains.

I walked out of my job because I lacked job satisfaction and the environment was toxic. I felt I was failing in achieving my life goals. I tried to start a business but lacked the support to do so and opted for another 9 to 5 scenario.  This would prove satisfactory to my spouse but not for long. She soon sent me searching for a better-paying job.  The desire to have more took over. If getting a new job was as easy as knocking and doors are open, I would leave the job now.

Try not once but keep at it till you win.

This was the second Business that I would not pursue because I lacked support. What is funny is that our loved ones always claim they are supportive while they don’t even want to know your passion they only want you to be paid loads of money – satisfy the desire to afford to spend more than you have.  I remember I would wonder if money would never cease to be the focus and how much of it would be enough.

When I started off writing this article I hoped I would share some answers to how or what you could do to find yourself on the correct path to monetary wealth except found myself sharing the rumbling of my life towards this eluding wealth.

The truth is I feel I am at a cusp to be making more than I could have ever made and more. I am not planning to leave it at this. When this opportunity shows fruit I will pursue all my ideas and see them fail or succeed. What I meant to say is, this is a cash cow.  Someone asked when I left one of my unsatisfying jobs, they asked me, is that my cash cow. I never knew what they meant but now I know. This is the cash cow to make all your ideas and dreams come to life.

It has been only been five months and with a total of just under $ 500.00.  My Sites are now valued at just over $ 120.00. Hearing this news was a slap on my face as the monetary contribution are way less than the physical investment and it is not reflected in these figures. I continue to press on and hope you all the best in finding your cash cow. I am sure this is mine. I only need to find grazing fields for now soon milk will come. I promise you, you will be the first to know when that happens.

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Think of the worst and hope for the best.

What I now know is, it is possible to live the life you want to live. You only need to make the choice and go after it. Persistence is both just a word but you have to sacrifice and work hard to come close to it. While I am nursing this Cash cow to life I still have aspirations that I would like to archive,  I can not because of lack of funds. First and foremost providing for my Family, Second there is a hand full of Business ideas I would like to explore. Studying has always been one of my passion.  123 let us go. What are you waiting for?

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7 thoughts on “How To Make Money At A Young Age”

  1. What a tremendous article for so many reasons. It is filled with so many insights and jewels of wisdom for folks of all ages. I extremely like your emphasis on getting kids started in the right direction early in life. Thanks so much for sharing this. All the Best.

    1. Thank you, William,

      I am glad that the article communicates with the folk of all ages. It would be great to reach the multitudes and show them the opportunity we have all found through Affiliate Marketing to rise beyond what our school systems have to offer.


  2. Ntlhane, you’ve touched on so many different points that jumped out at me in this article. It’s a topic I’m passionate about.

    I firmly believe that our education system has FAILED us. Yes, we get “higher education”, pass exams, advance and hopefully get a good job. But my experience shows that the education system does not really prepare us for LIFE.

    They don’t teach us to learn the mindset of wealth. You were correct to say that negative talk brings about poverty. But do they teach us that in school? No!

    Do they teach us how to make, grow and keep money? No!

    They just teach us to be employees to make money for someone else.

    What a shame!!!

    1. Hi Kevon,

      It is truly a shame, the worst part is that this never ends it is a vicious cycle that keeps on breeding but as we see it is possible to break it through the opportunities we offer, like Wealthy Affiliate(WA). We have been fortunate to get the chance through WA while we still are able to make changes in our lives. But unfortunately, the youth still runs into the same trap we fell into, the school does have great benefits but not everyone succeeds in that. The only way to break the cycle is to thrive in what we do and we can sell that dream with authority. And find more alternatives to be able to build wealth.

      Thank you for taking the time to read.


    1. Hi Norman,

      I am glad that you could find something of use in this post. Hopefully, in return, someone will find it use and comply. The levels of unemployment should not be this high if we can avoid unemployment.

      Thank you, for taking the time to visit.



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