How To use a Keyword Research Tool?

December 10, 2020 3 Comments

– Jaaxy!

Finding research tools and using them to your advantage is not so easy. You may find a great tool but if you do not understand how to use I to your advantage it is the same as not having the tool. Simple things in life may just become too complex if we miss the simplicity intended and overcomplicate things.

I hope this article, though complex, can clarify the purpose and intended simplicity of JAAXY!


Lets first get you set up – Welcome to Jaaxy:

After clicking on the link above, for a Jaaxy trial promotion, we can start. First, you need to sign up. I believe it is best to physically learn will help you get a better understanding of how to use Jaaxy and improve your ability to use the tool.

This is where you should get to. After getting into the link. It will read “Jaaxy, Your Competitive Edge Starts Here”

Let’s go to the ABCs to sign up.

a. Fill in your full name.

b. Enter your correct E-mail Address.

c. Create a Password.

d. Click to activate your account.

That will lead you into your free account you can sign in and let’s go! The look will slightly differ with-

Free trial, Pro, and Enterprise.

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Lets’ acquaint ourselves with the Jaaxy dashboard.

Now that you have an account you would be able to land on this opening screen. I have labeled the screen so that we can be able to navigate with understanding. On the top Bar, I have A to F. On the second bar, we have Number one to Seven and roman figures I to VI.


How does this really work?

This is one maze you should take your time exploring or else you might end up using your multifaceted tool like a spoon and miss out on all the cool tabs. Let’s take one step at a go.

Jaaxy Top bar:

A. Search tab –

The Search tab leads you to all the of the Second Bar Number 1 to 7. Some of the headings overlap and serve different purposes in different sections. That will be clarified and we continue.

1. Keyword Search –

Keyword search instruments are hard to find. If you have found your way Jaaxy, great news, with Billions of words at your fingertips you are ahead of the competition. Over 500 million new keywords searched are added to Google daily. No how would you keep up with that and use the right keywords in your Niche to keep abreast with the rest of other companies try to get the same traffic to their site?

Jaaxy will save you time that you would spend trying to do your own word research online. Just type in your words and you can get statistics on your keywords. It is that easy to then make your choice of words that will put you on top.

Under the keyword tab, there are more tabs on the third Bar:

I. Keyword Research tool – only one tab to explore on search will be available. When you upgrade with top bar tab E you will be able to reach more than one keyword or phrase in more of these tabs.

II. When you type in the phrases you want to look up I this tab and click search Jaaxy then searches and provides the following Data.

a. Will show relevant Keywords from all search engines with variations of the word that you just searched. It gives you variations of your chosen phrases.

b. Gives the Average number of searches with this phrase.

c. Shows Traffic frequency or the number of people who searched for this keyword.

d. Is Quoted Search Results (QSR) – this means the exact number of results found on a search engine.

e. Is the Keyword Quality Indicator (KQI) – Red for not good, Yellow for normal, and Green for great to use.

f. Is the SEO – Search Engine Optimization

g. Domain – This reflects the domain the search took place and where there are no searches revealing available lucrative domains to help beat the competition.

h. Is simply a blue showing that Jaaxy is finding information for that column e.g. SEO, QSR, KQI will give an informative value will at the end of the search.

2. Alphabet Soup –

This amazing platform, you can alphabetize your search adding one letter/word/ phrase at a go to your search allowing your search to be precise and giving you a variation of keyword from only one phrase search that you can use for your Search Engine Optimization (SOE) and Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns.

a. Slide a show a word search for the word peg. Alphabet soup will run searches through all alphabets in relation to the selected word. The list will give all possible variations from letter A to Z.

b. The search sends you back to the keyword search with the selected word for the continuation of the search.

c. Allows you to add the phrase to your brainstorm list of words.

3. Saved List –

As you are researching the save lists feature allows you to keep a record of researched words. You can keep these in an ordered file with the file name. The list is kept in a file to use when you need them.

4. Search History –

will give you words and type of searches you made in the past including dates and specific times the searches were made.


5. Search Analysis –

For you, SOE campaigns to work better, know what strategies your competition is using to influence their ranking to improve will allow you to build better SOEs to beat your competition. This can be realized through the Search Analysis algorithm found in Jaaxy, The algorithm takes any results from a search and uncovers what the top-ranked websites are doing.

6. Affiliate Programs –

Find lucrative Affiliate opportunities. The Affiliate program search feature helps you to find and analyze programs that you may like to partner with, with a database of over 15,000 affiliate programs to choose from.

7. And  Brainstorm –

This feature allows you to brainstorm the hippest trends on Twitter, Google social media allowing you to cut through the nonsense of any product to get to the relevant information today. This is an advantage that keeps you ahead of the pack on all types of niche/topics that are trending.

B. Site Rank tab –

Before this feature it was impossible to know what is it you are doing that leads to success in your ranking on Google and what is it you need to stop that leads to your site is not ranked. With this feature you can monitor your progress, which hey words a helping your site to rank well, and which keywords don’t work.


C. Affiliate Program tab – Jaxxy also facilitates an Affiliate program for jaaxy users. When you open an account and sign up, you become a Jaaxy affiliate and you can promote jaaxy and earn money through this tab.

D. Jaaxy Help tab –

Here you will find all Jaaxy help material documentation and Videos on Jaaxy training.

E. Upgrade tab – You can go there should you wish to upgrade to Pro or Enterprise.

F. And the Account tab – Feel free to personalize Add and image and Have fun with the most complex but simple Word Search instrument.

Find domains that are great and available.

You can find available domains in an instant– Search and find domains that are available to buy instantly. The searches will reveal,.net domains are still available for your choice of niche/ keyword. A search will uncover many high traffic, high-value domains with an average of 90domains being checked with every search (3/p search term).

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This is the quickest and most efficient way to come up with Valuable domains.

The System works wonders and many can attest to that. If you are looking for a leg-up in this industry, you have to do it with appropriate sophisticated equipment.

Jaaxy can do that for your business.

Thank you for reading.


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3 thoughts on “How To use a Keyword Research Tool?”

  1. Keyword generation is a staple skill to have as an affiliate marketer and successful writer online.  It’s great to see that you could review a product like this to help us understand their worth.  I’ve seen Jaaxy reviews before but never this in depth helping me to understand the workings of the product.  All the bells and whistles were confusing so it took me a whole week to even notice that I could create a list of keywords I’d found.  Thanks for sharing!

  2. Wow!  I’ve been using Jaaxy for over a year and I had no idea I was missing so many features.  I’m a little embarrassed to say that I have only used the keyword search!  As I often find myself at a loss for keywords, I’m going to play with the alphabet soup feature to see if that helps me. And also the affiliate program search.  Thank you for this great information!!


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