Is AWeber a Scam?

January 10, 2021 4 Comments


Name: AWeber


Price: Free trial – 30 days, $ 19 Monthly with Under 500 Subscribers and more with over 500.

Founders: Tom Kulzer.

Overall Rank: 09 out of 100



AWeber is a fantastic addition to your website. This plugin is a brainchild of Tom Kulzer the founder CEO of AWeber who created this software to help SME’s to grow their permission-based email lists and grow company revenues through Email-based marketing.

Why do you need this for your Website?

The plugin helps you in creating great landing pages for your audiences, Sign-up forms for your websites that will entice your audience to want to be part of your website. It works well with all WordPress websites.

Your performance improvements will be then traced by your sign-up forms. This is a great tool and you can be able to classify your readers according to their interests, identifying which pages they read, giving you the autonomy to focus your correspondences, and group your mailing list and your email communication to optimize your responses.

Your forms are flawlessly woven into your WordPress site to assure continuity of your website themes and design.

If you do not have a Website yet and would like to start an Online Business so that you can take advantage of this awesome Email Marketing tool, try some of the best online business programs. Starting with My number one choice of all times:


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The Technical requirements to use AWeber.

You might think that you need to have a great knowledge of technology before you can use AWeber but it is fairly doable and you can easily add your plugins and activate them. You might take time to acquaint yourself with the editing program to create your pages.

It is like that with any new program, as for me, I am gradually growing in knowledge with the training I have been receiving with Wealthy Affiliate. Before then, I did not even know what WordPress is, now I am able to load AWeber plugins and create awesome landing pages for my forms.

If you desire to produce a newsletter, there are templates that you can use to create a look that resonates with your site.

Challenges and Positives when you use AWeber:


  • You can easily integrate AWeber to your WordPress site.
  • All your subscriber information is kept safe/confidentially.
  • The price is reasonable.
  • A good way to group and focus your mailing lists, for optimized campaigning.
  • Templates help with integrated design for your website.


  • It takes a while to get used to the editing pages.
  • You have to make the designs work.

It is a great idea to have AWeber from the beginning of your site building it will give your website a great sense of authenticity and your growing audience can grow with the knowledge that you have the facilities and will be engaging them on that level. But experience tells me you may have to work till you have substantial traffic to your site.

Mending your AWeber account will give you a great skill that will be ready for use when you start getting more traffic. It is a good investment and an addition to your Website, whether it is a thriving website or you are still starting off.

I have had AWeber for a month now and I appreciate the value it adds to my website.

AWeber Affiliate.

Yes, the product is fantastic but you can also earn from promoting AWeber. They run a lucrative affiliate program. It provides great rates with reoccurring revenue streams. To become an AWeber Advocate you need to fill in a form on their website to read more about that see our Create Your Wealth with AWeber Review.

Thank you for taking the time to read our review and feel free to share a comment and subscribe to our site for more content.



Name: AWeber


Price: Free trial – 30 days, $ 19 Monthly with Under 500 Subscribers and more with over 500.

Founders: Tom Kulzer.

Overall Rank: 09 out of 100

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4 thoughts on “Is AWeber a Scam?”

  1. I can assure you that AWeber is not a scam. They have been around for so many years servering people in the online world. AWeber is the real deal and they are worth the investement.

    1. I totally agree, 120%. I appreciate the landing pages I have created through them. I am looking forward to my site, at full steam with AWeber Email and subscription marketing management.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your conviction with us at EOBA.



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