Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or a Scam ?

November 20, 2020 4 Comments

Wealthy Affiliate – A Platform Designed For Affiliate Marketers Of All Levels.

Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliates is made for you!

Website: wealthy

Owners: Kyle Marketing Chief, Co-founder

and Carson Design Chief, Co-founder

Overall Rank: Top 03 out of 100

Wealthy Affiliates is an online market affiliate that has been around for the past 15 years. The Company led By Kyle and Carson the founders. Their online training is phenomenal and you can work at your pace. With Wealthy Affiliate, you will build your website in 34 seconds using WordPress hosting and the best prices for Domains for the year.

There is not a lot of bad with this group but one will always find that we create a lot of bad around ourselves and then turn and blame the administration.

Here are some good points about this platform:

  • You are still thinking through your decision to join. You are able to access basic training that will allow you to build your website through
  • You will have overwhelming support from the community at Wealthy Affiliate, to welcome you and settle you in while you find your footing.
  • First-month fees are reduced to $19 instead of $49.
  • This is usually just talking until you decide to commit. Here you will receive usable knowledge from the first time you receive training.
  • Should you decide not to continue you still gain a wealth of knowledge?

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Here are some negatives.

  • There is something that I found difficult.
  • If you delete your work it might not be recovered two-week backups are kept you do not lose all work. (The result of being overly enthusiastic). Saved by keeping some backup file on my word processor.
  • Freedom to study at your pace might allow the over enthusiast like me to stumble into trouble.
  • It is best to follow the training at a steady pace don’t rush.
  • You might be surprised you still have to buy your domains after paying for the first month.
  • Not a get-rich-quick scheme.
  • It takes time and work to be at a point you can make money.

Wealthy Affiliate a great space to belong to.

Wealthy Affiliates is a great space that hoses people from all walks of life. Whiz kids who want an early start to the entrepreneurial life, teens, and youth all the way to retirees who would like to keep the flame going. The program stakes its reputation on the truth that it can get everyone to succeed.

Everyone that enrolls has a fair chance to rise within the Ranks to senior Ranking, all due to taking responsibility and be helpful within the community. You work diligently you could be on your way to the general conference in Las Vegas 100 premium sales in a year will get you there.


The product is for those who would like an online business the will build streams of revenue for years to come

Premier membership will allow you access to the most sophisticated research tools, WordPress SOEs with the best plugins. Wealthy Affiliate provides hosting that you can feel safe in.

There are two-strands of training. The first with five levels of packed live video training with the task to be completed each lesson. After the first training, you will have command of the skill to produce and monetize your first website.

The second row of training I the Bootcamp that prepares you to work as an affiliate to Wealthy Affiliate. You can earn great revenue through commissions. A seven tear of more exciting preparation training you will need to build a solid foundation business.

Wealthy Affiliate provides Site Support for all your website technical needs. You have a Community of over 150000 community help 24/7. Everyone is encouraged to participate even the founders are hands-on.

Wealthy Affiliate Provide all this for:

  • Free on your First-week Beginner Package -1 Website; 7 Days; Limited Support; No Classes; Level 1 Core Training and Jaaxy Starter.
  • Premium -First Month $19 then $49 monthly: This will get you Intermediate Package 10 Websites ($100/mth value) Unlimited Support, 52+ Expert Classes Per Year, All Levels Core Training; Jaaxy Lite ($19/m value).
  • Premium Plus -advanced Package 50 Websites ($250/mth value); Unlimited Priority support; 200+ Expert Classes Per Year; All Levels of Core Training; Jaaxy Enterprise ($99/mth value)

My Final Opinion – and Some Bonuses

I generally think this will be worthwhile, should the Affiliate stick around long enough to see their first revenue. The program requires song elbow and grease as said by the founders. They also guarantee success. That is reassuring. I recommend the product.  You do get your money’s worth.

Join within the First 6 Days and get Great Bonuses!

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Claim your free registration and upgrade and Join Premium within 6 days during your trial period and get great bonuses.

  • 59 % off on your first payment of $49, paying only $19 or your first month.
  • My personal assistance in setting up your Website.
  • Access to research Facilities on our research platform.
  • And Support Form me personally, throughout your Wealthy Affiliate life.

All the best in your search to start an online business.

Thank you, for taking the time to read.


Wealthy Affiliate

Whether you are just getting started, have some experience, or are an ultra-successful affiliate marketer, Wealthy Affiliates is made for you!

Website: wealthy. Wealthy

Price: $19 First Month – Then $49 p/m Premium – $99 p/m Premium Plus.

Owners: Kyle Marketing Chief, Co-founder and Carson Design Chief, Co-founder

Overall Rank: Top 03 out of 100


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4 thoughts on “Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit or a Scam ?”

  1. From what I  can see in this article. My life-long question of whether wealthy affiliate is a scam or not… I can definitely see that it is NOT. And I’ve seen a lot of good things about it aside from what I’ve seen here. Thank you so much for this information and for taking the time to write this. This is something very useful for me and I think i will be trying wealthy affiliate very soon. Thank you so much for this

  2. Hello there!

    You’ve provided an amazing, well-detailed and unique article there. I really love how the article was structured and informative. There is nothing to be confused about, Wealthy Affiliate is no scam at all. It is indeed a great space for anyone to join and achieve some financial freedom.

    i love everything about Wealthy Affiliate. Thanks.


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