Steps to Become an Affiliate Marketer.

January 29, 2021 2 Comments

When do you start?

Well, to tell you the truth, you never know, and if you do that is the right time to start. My journey till now was never the plan. When I became an affiliate marketer and not being aware till I was already one. My point is whether you know or not, read this post now, at the end you will know what an affiliate marketer is and be at an advantage. You will have the choice to become one and to start working on your Business.

Don’t get me wrong, I am super motivated I am an affiliate. Whether I got to where is I am by chance I am now securing a financially free future for my family. This is how I got here.

Selling experience.

I have never been good at selling anything remember the first time I had to sell anything I was just a boy. A friend of mine asked me to help him sell some cheese that he got from home. The cheese was well-packaged slices of cheese biology and some sausages we went into a couple of houses and he seemed to have it under control. I guess what gave the edge was that he did not think of anything except selling the cheese packs.

I had too many things in my mind and they were totally not necessary, they only made me fearfully and I could not focus enough to really make a sale. I was thinking of Dogs, of the fact that I had never been to these houses. I have to say my first experience of being a door-to-door salesman was not all that great. By the time I stopped thinking, I had a package of my own. My late friend, God bless his Soul, had convinced me that we would cover more ground if we sold separately. He pulled some of the packages and held them in his hands and off he went.

When we met at our rendezvous point we had sold almost all the packages. He opened one and shared with me it was nice to taste the merchandise it was worth the price we were selling. I realized that I doubted the quality of our product. Another thing that was in my head.

My second selling experience was as a waiter in a new franchise. A new mall was opening and my brother-in-law gave in my name to come in for training. The training went on for two weeks and finally, the store opened there was a future for me in the business as I was helpful to everyone I had trained with, even the more experienced writers. One of the managers then punches me thinking I was being unfair to the waitress, I was shouting my orders over her head. The manager was not there earlier on when I pulled the girl from behind me and places her in front for her to have a better chance of placing her orders.

When I was punched I did not even want to explain what was happening, it should not have happened in the first place. This was the most senior manager so I let it slide. When I came back on the second day I could not deal with it. I called my training Manager and told him what had happened. He apologized on his behalf but could not really let him know that it was unfair to punch me the way he did. Seeing that the was no way I would continue there I quit and asked for a table.

I was served by my training manager who gave me a free bottle of wine and kept trying to get me to reconsider. I had made my decision and I was not coming back.

My longest sales job was at a hardware store, one of my friends met our boss while working for a printing company and helped him to print and bind his business plan to Buy a hardware store. I started working for our new boss and a month later my friend joined us. He came in at a higher salary and I was not happy with that. He was good but I felt I had more to offer as I had been to College he was not.

I realized that our boss was not fair when I had helped him as shopfitter to his new bigger store and I was still earning little. He brought more help and paid them more than us. I knew then that there would not be any future for me there. He called me into work weekends, Sundays were the worst. He only paid me $10 for the day. One afternoon I left and never to go back.

Lessons learned.

In all the experiences above I chose myself over the jobs. All those companies did not last well today none are operational that is after over twenty years. I am glad I did not waste a lifetime with them. I learned to always trust my gut. There people out there who are out to exploit and are really not even aware of your worth.

Becoming an Entrepreneur.

While working at the Hardware store. I looked into going into dance school. Before working at the workshop I was of a weekend drama school. I got there and workshopped a play and it was well-received by everyone the Centre directors however were not impressed with my attitude of looking out for me and not being a follower.

I was accepted into a dance school and I secured a bursary with the Arts Council. I completed the training top of my class and performers my first solo with the greatest choreographers of our time. I then worked in the arts industry for over 20 years.

I have trained and mentored many artists in that time. It seemed that the more artist we trained the same number would be lost to an economy that did not see value in performers and artists. There was no point in training people who would end up unemployable. What was the cause? I left the industry and the top of my game to find out more about the challenges our graduates faced. The schools would not hire them. If they did it would no be a permanent hire. Those who got hired would drop the schools without notice to take an international job and go on tour. In the end, they would come back to an angry schoolmaster and without a job.

I became an educator to try and find how this could work and discovered that those who manage to make it works have to sacrifice being an artist. As educators, you are compelled to acquire a degree in education. In this Economy you can and if you are fortunate. I failed to qualify I could not afford to pay for my studies, raising a family at my salary is impractical.

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Change of course.

As an artist, one of my jobs was to train and mentor performance groups, prepare them to travel overseas to perform at festivals. I did this work with an organization that advocated Cultural Entrepreneurship. These were the good guys but they still failed to create jobs for our graduates. When a company asked for an administrator we could not bring ourselves to recommending our own and that broke my spirit. That was one of the main reasons I left to go into Education.

In essence, the blood of cultural entrepreneurship still runs thick in my body. I started a blog in 2009 in an attempt to understand creating passive revenue through a blog. I had a few ideas correct. I knew I would have to create a blog and generate traffic to my blog. But that was misunderstood I created a blog and created four blogs at the most, and left it at that. I went into education only to find myself knocking at the gates on Affiliate Marketing ten years later. I may have become on by chance, but it has taken a lifetime to get here.

When Covid hit I was already getting nudges to try and find a better job to improve our financial state. My partner who is doing well added pressure for me to perform or else.

Affiliate Markertship found me!

While searching the web for something to bring in passive revenue I ended up on one original article of the Wealthy Affiliate, I think the program was free then. The Post was ancient, it got me to reconsider. The website is an enormous world, I lost the post and ended up on the fresh and revamped Kyle and Carson’s wealthy Affiliate.

I do not know which path has led you here and what is your story, what I know is you would like to be an Affiliate Marketer. You are in the right place. The is no community that has done any better for me than the WA community.

I received training and I created two awesome websites. I have partnered with a couple of affiliate programs and on the precipice of making greater passive revenue. This is my sixty-seventh post between my websites and I continue to write. You have found this article and now know a little bit more than I knew in 2009. Make the right choice for your financial future and don’t waste time.

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In Conclusion.

If you were looking for your Online Business, for an opportunity to work from home and create a second income stream, you have found your answer. You can wait for the next ten years like I did or you can take the plunge and start now and don’t miss out on the opportunities available to you now.

The sooner you start the better are your opportunity to convert referrals in no time. This is a Multi-Billion industry and you don’t want to be left out. I hope you have a made up your mind and are ready to take on the Worl Wide Web.

I wish you well and look forward to seeing you at the Many Affiliate platforms.

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Feel free to ask questions and leave a comment below and I will get back to you at my immediate convenience.

I wish you well,


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  1. Affiliate markering is really amazing and dose have its benefits. This is a great hustle to start that can turn into a striving full time business. Thanks so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks for your overview of affiliate marketing and your experiences. This is a great way to develop a sustainable long-term income by doing what is most enjoyable and sharing that knowledge with others. All the Best.


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