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Product Name:  Pagecloud


Price: Small Business $ 19 p/m, Business $ 29 p/m, and Pro $ 50 p/m.

Founders: CEO Mike Grouchy

Overall Rank: 10 out of 100


With a simple mission like “we aim to help your business succeed online”. Pagecloud surely does deliver more than it promises.

While the mission is achieved, bringing success to your business, there is a whole lot more, that you will achieve with pagecloud. For all kinds of businesses, Small-medium, Freelancers, and Agencies.

This modest company will do its magic in the background, while they provide Design and Performance of world-class level to help you to deliver a competitive advantage, ensuring your customers have an exceptional experience.

This enthusiastic team led by Mike Grouchy CEO, Mark Murray CFO, and Mark Stephenson as the Chief Of Design, is empowered leadership that leads a team that believes in their careers and believes that incredible ideas can come from anyone. Pagecloud believes that your ideas are of a world-class quality that is why they set to help you grow your business with them.

Mike grouchy was formerly the Chief Product Officer and he has led every aspect relating to customer-focused products at Pagecloud. You are definitely in good hands.

Product Features

Managing your online presence has never been this easy. Pagecloud comes with 100 + integrations and business tools. These are all the features that you will need to build a high-performance website in record time, with:

  • Professionally-designed content
  • Unmatched visual editing
  • E-commerce and business
  • Website management 

Screenshot Pagecloud Professionally Design Content text

Website templates – Pagecloud provides you with a starting layout for your website designed which can be modified a little or as much as you please.

Build with sections – Build your website with a range of customizable building blocks. Choose from 1000 options, add remove copy-paste any section in the way that you would like.

Library of elements – Elements that you can style any way you want to help you design faster this includes buttons, forms shapes, navigation, image galleries and so much more.

Screenshot Pagecloud Unmatched Visual Editing text

Design freedom – You have the capability to style and position your content exactly the way you want without restrictions. You will never feel restricted Again by the template.

Smart guides – smart guides help you to select groups of objects or single objects and place them in the position that you would like them to be so that it fits.

True drag-and-drop – Copy and paste and drag-and-drop anything from anywhere including your desktop. Include videos, images, text, and files, and much, much more.

Sections – Pages can be divided into sections for a more efficient design. Duplicate, reuse, and reorder sections on any page.

Headers and footers – Headers and footers are synced into sections that help you maintain consistent navigation on your website.

Mobile Customisation – Change as much or as little as you want on your mobile site. Their mobile mode takes the guesswork out of the responsive website.

Ultimate fonts – The program seamlessly integrates with thousands of awesome fonts from Google and Adobe. In just a few clicks you can even add custom fonts.

Shortcuts – Design is easy and quick to do with intuitive shortcuts including copy and paste; aline; distribute; arrange; order; undo and redo.

Advanced design – You have access to all your site’s source codes ( HTML, JS, CSS), allowing experienced users to take their designs to the next level of design.


Pagecloud makes it very easy to showcase and edit quick-loading image galleries that look fantastic on every device, with:

  • Crop and filters
  • Shutterstock images
  • Lightning-fast images
  • And beautiful galleries


Eye-catching videos that will make your website come alive.  Use simple controls to make it very easy for you to display your videos in exactly the way, that you want them, with:

  • Video controls
  • Video players
  • Video Style

Developer Friendly

Pagecloud gives full access to the source code which makes anything possible. This program was built to allow developers and business owners to work side by side.

JavaScript and CSS – Add CSS or JavaScript easily and customize any object or page. You can even drag and drop CSS files which automatically get linked in the head of the page.

DOM  inspector support – Saving and use the changes made directly in your browser’s web inspector, you can only achieve this with Pagecloud Web Builder.

Screenshot Pagecloud ecommerce and business text


Custom Domains  – Pagecloud tools help you connect with any custom Domain easily from your web page. (Free domain for a year with annual plants)


Google Workspace – Take advantage of free  professional branded email, calendar, Google Drive, and other Google Suite features with your annual plan (All free for a year)

Screenshot Pagecloud interrogation Shopify and PayPal

Marketing and SEO

While marketing integration and powerful forms help you take advantage of the tools you are already using, the best-in-class SEO helps you to grow online.

Pagecloud forms – Capture leads with customizable pagecloud forms. Loads of pre-built options can be tailor-made to fit any Style and Desire.

Analytics – Site performance and behavior are on point, thanks to Google Analytics and Tag Manager for seamless integration.

SEO – lightning-fast pages, page titles, meta-information, heading text, redirect, custom URLs, and more. All that you need to rank tops in Google.

Screenshot Pagecloud interegation Mail Chimp and Google Analytics


With Pagecloud you can optimize with responsive blogging tools which makes it easy to write share your articles online.

WordPress Importer – Pagecloud import wizard automatically brings in your tags, images, videos, and post.

Dictate writing mode – For an efficient writing experience that lets you focus on your content, the writing mode includes word count and read time estimator.

And Blogging essentials – Get all that you need to start your block: page titles, authors, meta-information, categories, tags scheduling, and much much more.

Screenshot Pagecloud Website management text

Take the guesswork out of website management and get fast reliable hosting, Auto SSL, collaboration tools, expert support, and so much more.

Hosting security – Pagecloud is a fully managed service that includes top-of-the-range hosting and automatic SSL with all the plans.

Draft pages and websites – With the option of publishing and unpublish on both websites and pages you are in full control of which content makes the cut.

Teams – Pagecloud enables developers, business owners, and designers to work as one.

Knowledge base – With weekly updates Pagecloud offers loads of step-by-step instructions for everything related to Pagecloud.

Expect support team – Their top-notch support team will offer personalized support from within the Pagecloud App.

Pagecloud Pros – If you need professional support to bring your business to the next level, you can hire Pagecloud Pro to help you build, design, and add features to your site.

Screenshot Pagecloud a Platform for creators and clients

What Will It Cost You To Acquire The Product?

Packages for Websites Have 3  Tiers: 

Small Business – This is great for Small Businesses and Entrepreneurs.Screenshot Pagecloud teams image

Cost: $19 p/m billed annually

  • One site
  • 100 pages
  • 1TB bandwidth per month
  • 1000 forms submission per month
  • Two team members
  • Free Google workspace worth $72 of value
  • Free custom domain worth $15 of value
    • All packages come with expect chat support

Business – This is ideal for businesses with larger teams and additional requirements.

Cost: $29 p/m billed annually 

  • One site
  • 200 pages
  • 1TB bandwidth per month
  • 5000 forms submission per month
  • Ten team members
  • Free Google workspace worth $72 of value
  • Free custom domain worth $15 of value
    • All packages come with expect chat support

And Pro – this is created for Agencies’ marketing teams and freelancers.

Cost: $50 p/m billed annually

  • 5 sites
  • Unlimited pages
  • 2TB bandwidth per month
  • 10 000 forms submission per month
  • 3 team members
    • All packages come with expect chat support
    • Priority chat support
    • Site migration services come at a cost (contact office for pricing)

Packages for E-commerce and Business Also Have 3  Tiers:

Starter – This is great for small businesses, entrepreneurs and includes everything in a small business web plan plus the following:

Cost: $29 p/m billed annually


  • 100 products
  • Digital good 100MB per file
  • Sell services
  • Accept donations
  • No transaction fee
  • Gift cards (2% commission)
  • Free SSL certificates
  • Support – expert chat support for all packages.

Advanced – This is ideal for businesses with large teams, additional requirements and includes everything in the business web plan, The Starter Business E-commerce and business plan, plus the following:

Cost: $49 p/m billed annuallyScreenshot Pagecloud top rated


  • MailChimp and automated email Marketing
  • Sell on eBay and Amazon
  • Scheduled order pick-up
  • Product filters
  • Product variations
  • Automatic abandoned cart recovery
  • Edit and create orders
  • Stuff order notes
  • Multilingual catalog
  • Wholesale pricing in groups
  • Discounts for customer groups
  • And volume discount and multi-tier prices
  • Support – expert chat support for all packages.

And Unlimited – This is ideal for businesses with large teams, additional requirements and includes everything in the business web plan, Advanced E-commerce, and business plus the following:

Cost: $89 p/m billed annually


  • And the point of sale: Square, clover, Alice
  • Support – expert chat support for all packages.

Like any business, there are challenges and Positives that may define your growth.

Some of the Pros include.

  • Most intuitive website creation platform
  • Freedom to customize your Design if you are an expert in coding from an Open Source Code.
  • No upgrades are required.

Well talking about the Cons.

  • Only 5 websites on their pro package.
  • Limited to only 3 team members.

Some related Products:

My Take On The Product

What an amazing product and managing team. The sales team makes a very good offer with no upgrade required but they make up for that income with a very limited number of users and websites. You will still have to pay if you need more hands in your teams. Your growth is limited to only five websites. After that, you must be ready to buy your extended website.

The freedom to customize your site the way you want it to be is a great bonus but could be challenging if you don’t know what you are doing. You could end up messing up your setup. The ever-rising challenge with non-designers trying to design. That always raises concerns.

The great thing is that Pagecloud also provides a service of professionals that you could employ to create your website the way you want it, at an additional cost. As soon as you hear of hidden costs it is best to find out before you sign up. I would find out what the Website migrations fees are. As you are requested to contact Pagecloud for that.

Screenshot Pagecloud Introducing Colors Site wide


On the surface, this is a solid company. As you go deep you realize that some of the integrations are free and some may require additional fees. It is best to get all that figured out and understand the cost implications of some fees not included.

Check the freebies, they are usually a way to hook you for upsells along the way. For instance, the Free Google Workspace is enough for a year on the starter package, Six months for Business, and three months for  Plus. You might end up having to buy more depending on your use, needs, and which package works for you.

Generally, the product will meet your needs to build a sustainable business. This is my final word. Pagecloud is a legitimate and solid company with an awesome product that can work very well with someone with a coding background. Just make sure what you are doing before you do anything with coding systems if you are clueless with regard to coding.



Product Name:  Pagecloud


Price: Small Business $ 19 p/m, Business $ 29 p/m, and Pro $ 50 p/m.

Founders: CEO Mike Grouchy

Overall Rank: 10 out of 100


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4 thoughts on “Pagecloud Reviews”

  1. Hey Ntlhane,

    Great article on Pagecloud and what it does! I have never heard of Pagecloud before, but as a website owner myself, I can see the potential value it can bring to small time and big time businesses. Thank you for giving an honest review and letting your readers know that there are some hidden fees that you must know about before hopping aboard. Would you recommend Pagecloud for an entrepreneur like me?

    1. Hi Pat, 

      Thank you for taking the time to read our reviews there is a hidden cost in many great products that should not deter someone looking to buy a product. It is just helpful to know about hidden costs so that you go in knowing. If you are looking at dealing with one service provide this will do especially if you are looking to go into E-commerce.

      But if you are looking to just  for website builder i would go with a company like Wealthy Afiliate. It has all the neccesary tools and much more or under $50.

      Thank you once more. We are looking forwards to your next visit.


  2. Hi there. Thanks for sharing your review of PageCloud here. Up until now, I have never actually heard of PageCloud before. Are the Prices included here based on a monthly fee or is it a One-off Fee? Also, it looks like it has some pretty cool features. I’m just wondering if this includes any sort of Webhosting in the plan?

    1. Hi Kwidzin,

      Price: Small Business $ 19 p/m, Business $ 29 p/m, and Pro $ 50 p/m. The missing installment was only on the opening breakdown. I have added them to the breakdown as well.   If you read the review you realize, there is so much more available to you. your loss. 

      Thank you, for your comment.



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