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Brand name: Promo Republic


Cost: Free Version with a free trial and Paid-up Version starting at $49 per/Month

Founders: The Company was founded in 2015

Overall Rank: 19 out of 100

The Promo Republic.

This social media marketing tool surpasses many marketing products. It is user-friendly and is guaranteed to make your life easy with its AI technology that allows you to be proactive in your ads/ post scheduling.

Set up your post and design them from the Promo Republic app. No need to open more than one app and jump around between programs to create your masterpiece ads and promotions. You can design and edit your post and save them for later use.

The software is designed for Affiliates and all marketers alike. If you are on social media and you would like to make your presence seen. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and linked in all from the same app. Simply create, design, edit, and post or schedule for later posting. It is simple and amazing.

The software provides you with suggested posting and ideas with tons of templates and image libraries all in the palm of your hands. Edit, adjust and load your ads. Monitor and analyze your progress to plan future posts with ease.

About the Promo Republic.

Seeing that social media was getting over-crowded with manner under the Sun and it has become difficult to find real and authentic content the creators of Promo Republic set to create a product that exudes Authenticity in an attempt to connect with its audience.

The first version of this product was a hit from the beginning in 2014 since then the company has grown to set up more locations around the globe. The company’s focus is to create solutions that make it easy for small and large enterprises to coordinate their social marketing strategies.

The company is led by a stellar team with Max Pecherskyi as Chief Executive Officer, Mike Baranovkyi as CTO, and the COO, Val Grabko.

This number ten fast-growing social media marketing gem is set to take on the social media landscape, with its Innovation.


Product features

All needed tools to deal with the demands of social media include packages that will cater to all your social making need including:

  • A Social media Calendar
  • Reporting provider
  • Content service
  • Content organizer
  • Work Coordinator and
  • White Label

The content bundle includes 20 designs that speak to your brand voice. These can be used immediately or edited and customized with the built-in Graphics Editor.

  • Use pre-designed templates that are ready to be posted, designed specifically for your audiences
  • Follow three easy steps to get your ready-to-use content for social media.


Combined in a unique platform are the content creator and Scheduling. It is like an asset manager and graphic editor turned into one amazing tool.

  • Store branded visuals for your social media campaigns on your own platform. For easier navigation organize and edit your content in costume folders.
  • The tailor makes your post and makes sure you don’t go unnoticed on social media with pre-created templates that you can adjust to your design style in minutes.
  • Save time and discover content suggestions created for main networks and different industries by a team of professionals. Select from over 100,000 post ideas and templates in graphics and images.
  • Share comments across all locations with your team and suggest posts and get notifications with a click of a finger.
  • Get a white label version of Promo Republic’s interphase designed in a color that goes well with your website design to ensure consistency.

Put Artificial Intelligence in charge – Order you your workflow and have an overview of all your planning: Approved post, posts to be completed, and scheduled postings.

  • No hustle is switching between pages and groups to schedule and post from your social media accounts, send to all simultaneously from one point.
  • For maximum results post all your post when your audience is at the peak of their engagement.
  • Pre-set repetitive periods for engagement-driving posts, to receive results repeatedly with Social Media post Scheduler.
  • Use the power of the collective mind- Share ideas about suggested posts right in the social media publishing calendar. Make comments hidden to keep them for your team.

Efficient workflow setup of any size of the company and move your content distribution and approval process from spreadsheet to the Promo Republic, share ideas, and keep notified of the actions taken by your teams and clients.

  • Group multiple pages per client or per location to workspace to share comments and ideas. Add team members to join forces and collaborate on the creation of content.
  • Setup suitable permission levels and decide which team members and clients can access to edit, create posts schedule, and approve. Limit access to interphase to show only the open comment.
  • Comment on the content and prepare for posting and make improvements as a team in real-time.
  • Don’t miss anything get involve when needed and work in sync with communication via mail alerts, notifications, and scheduled posts, approvals, and comments.
  • Easy sign in using email address kipping your corporate data on the inside.

Cover the most significant metrics for multiple locations, clients, or pages at one glance. Reveal underperformance and adjust your planning strategies and report on the results.

  • Take a quick look at your dashboard and find which locations do well and which are not performing, in time to make curtail adjustments.
  • Get an easy digest report on the dynamics of page performance during a certain period and expert to PDF for your presentation to team or clients.
  • Chose a time and see the reach and engagement rates of all your published posts and the number of comments and shares.

Charge your, clients, more, save on time & money, and build an impressive brand experience. Get you white label social media management software – make serving client customize and matched with you agency identity.

  • Impress with a white label social media software branded with logos, colors and hosted on your website domain.
  • Improve your collaboration with your clients’ by working with your team and clients to drive good results. Invite them to limited client interphase so they won’t be able to look into other clients’ dashboards and tools that help to beat your competition.

Pricing Plans and more Solutions.

My take on the Promo Republic.

This is a very great product for anyone who would like to get ahead of the pack on social media. For those who consider their participation in social media a business and are planning to grow their enterprises this is a real gem.

It also doubles up as a business management tool easily. I can buy this for my business no strings attached. Writing this review has opened my eyes with regards to the greater possibilities you can archive with your social media. It elevates Social Media to a new level.

If you do not have an Online Business yet and would like to start an Online Business so that you can take advantage of this awesome Social Media app, try some of the best online business programs. Starting with My number one choice of all times:


Point of no return.

Don’t be left behind and get the Promo Republic as soon as you can, it is a Social Media tool on steroids.

Brand name: Promo Republic


Cost: Free Version with a free trial and Paid-up Version starting at $49 per/Month

Founders: The Company was founded in 2015

Overall Rank: 19 out of 100

All the best with your Business.



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4 thoughts on “Promo Republic Review – Social Media Wiz!”

  1. Sounds like a really great product that will give you a bang for your buck. The free version with a free trial is good to get your feet wet but it is amazing how the rating is so low. Is it because it caters only to social media mostly?

    1. Hi Norman, There are different packages as you can see for different sizes of establishments. You can choose the one that will work for your kind of business. Customizing allows you to pay for exactly what you need. I would say it is their brilliant business model that allows them to keep the price affordable.



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