Retirement or Early Retirement

July 16, 2021 14 Comments


Retirement or Early Retirement is a phrase that you wouldn’t like to hear or should I rather say it depends on which circumstance you are in.

Scenario number one, you are happy to hear the words, And number two you resent the day you hear the words or at least the day you have to act on those words. The last phrase that I would like to include in that list is the one I  really don’t want to hear but it could also mean that you benefit somehow from a retrenchment buyout. Retrenchment!

This article is going to look at some challenges that people who are having to deal with these phrases when the time comes and what do they have to go through.

Whether is early retirement or compelled to retire because of age or maybe talking about these days of the pandemic. Many breadwinners have had to face this management buyout. Everything goes topsy-turvy when you have to deal with these phrases. Let’s have a closer look.

Time for Change

What is early retirement?

The general standard age for retirement for men is 60 years while it is around 65 for women. This means at that age you’d have to take your pension or another retirement package from work. Some of us are fortunate enough to be kept a little bit longer than the retirement threshold because the skills that we offer, are not readily available.

When the time comes for early retirement it is somewhat of a bittersweet circumstance, if you have a great pension fund.  But somebody might find themselves there with no money or enough funds to make ends meet. When a person decides to go into early retirement it could be because they’re confident enough that they have secured enough money to take care of them in their retirement. Sometimes you may be forced to take early retirement because of health conditions. In that case, it is not such a good reason to retire. Either way, life continues and you still need an income.

So the question you should ask yourself before any of these happen is, what do I need for my retirement? if you don’t know the answer. Give yourself a good time to prepare, because whether you will be staying at home, or working after retirement, or just traveling for the rest of your living days you will need to make sure you plan for what is to come.

When Dad got retrenched.

I remember vaguely as a little boy sitting and listening to my Dad telling us what is retrenchment for employees at his workplace. There was talk of retrenchment packages and how much this was and what would our parents do with the Packages when they do come. There were set options, which were given to them to consider with regards to their pension fund.

Bear in mind that when a retrenchment strategy is put in place it is not for the benefit of the employees. The definition of retrenchment or the business definition of retrenchment is – A business reduces one of its businesses in order to cut expenses so that the remaining business can reach a more feasible financial position.

Meaning whatever our parents have received would have been just a percentage of what the company would receive as a recompensation for them in losing their jobs.

Looking for a job

Win or Lose.

Some of my father’s colleagues took packages and they were able to start small businesses. As we know not all businesses last, some of them collapse and some of them made some profit. Either way, it’s a gamble, whether to take a bigger package and risk starting a business that will not succeed or the second option investing your package and receive dividends paid to you every month.

My dad’s option would have been an amazing option if the Investment package was not dubious and was for the needs of the employees. Unfortunately, it was not like that. In this option, they ended up getting only a fraction of what was projected. The same results here as in the business option. It’s a gamble some Investments work and some don’t.

I only wish that my parents had options like what I’m proposing to you, as you are sitting there contemplating the same decisions they had to make.

Let’s Consider Working After Retirement.

Depending on what kind of raw deal you get, whether you are still young enough to work or not, it’s still a good idea to continue to work to secure an income that will assist with the little that you get from your retirement. You may ask yourself what kind of business can give a guarantee of success. Not like the option of talking bulk packages to start a failing business or investing in a bank investment that has not proper projections, but with heavily reduced monthly payout.

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What Could Be this Guaranteed Success?

One thing that I’m sure of is, at retirement age, most adults have one thing in common, and no one can give it or take it from them, their Life experience. This is an opportunity to leverage your life experience and receive residual income for the rest of your life from it.

This will still be an investment but I guarantee you, It is an investment with making.  You won’t only invest money, but your time, and your experience and skills as well. I tell you when you give it to your all and build a business from the ground up, you will be able to pocket a six-figure salary within two years. There are many who have done it before me, I am doing it and you can do it too.

This is a business offer, aimed at equipping you with skills that you already have, and of course your experience. With all this, you will start making a killing, in no time.

What Could Save Me from Early Retirement and Retrenchment?

Technology has taken over the world and one of the reasons for early retirements and retrenchment is because of the same technology. Take the fight back into your hands and use the same technology that lost you your job to build yourself and your online business.

So if you are one of those who are asking themselves the question, what do I need to prepare for retirement?

What is my retrenchment strategy to Rising after retrenchment?

My answer is this is it!

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Wealthy Affiliate

When I saw my dad going through what he went through as a young boy, I was determined not to have the same ending. I grew up in that environment of need, living from hand to mouth, of not having enough, and always borrowing just to make it through to another day.

I made the choice, I did not wait until retirement nor did I wait for retrenchment but I was driven to start building now.

Truthfully speaking our salaries are already never adequate, even after getting paid at the end of the month it feels as if there will never be enough.

Whether you have been retrenched, early retirement or still doing the job that’s paying you to survive. This is an opportunity worth taking.

What is, Wealthy Affiliate?

It is a community of over a million members who are making a living out of their own life experiences through affiliate marketing. The program uses interactive training videos and modules that prepare participants to take part actively, in creating their online business.

The training provides an environment where anyone can learn at their own pace while receiving and giving support to each other. The detailed training will assist you in creating and maintaining a complete professional website service. Streamline your incomes and have more than just one website, what about three. It is all within your reach.

Participants become experts in a variety of skills and topics that are developed through this intense training provided through video presentations and virtual tasks in creating and developing all the skills necessary to build your website and be an affiliate marketer.

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How Does Your Life Experience Become a Commodity?

All affiliates come in with varied experiences. Your experience will build on new experiences that will become your tools in building a profitable business. Writing content will be your driving force.  Writing about your hobbies, your experiences as an artist, sportsperson. Anything that you have spent most of your life doing for free, will now pay you back for your diligence in acquiring those skills.

Some of us come from culinary backgrounds with cooking experience, baking experience, or restaurant experience. Some of us are engineers, doctors, lawyers, educators, waiters, and landscape technicians. The list is endless, whichever skill you have, you will be able to harness it and turn it into that six-figure payout business.

Planning Is Paramount.

There are many factors that you will have to take into consideration. You do not want to take what could be your last livelihood and throw it under the bus. So planning is paramount.

Everyone has a different understanding of what planning is, Wikipedia refers to planning as a process of thinking about the activities required to achieve a specific goal. It is first the activity that you need to go through to achieve the desired results. It involves you creating a plan and maintaining the plan.

This is a skill that most of us don’t have readily, we might think that just thinking of what we need to pursue is enough. It is to some extent.

Office tech

The Journey Starts in your Mind.

If you are going to embark on this journey with us better planning has to be done. You will have to commit to a specific budget that will carry you through the next two years. Many temptations will haunt our anxious selves. Everyone wants a quick buck. Through focus and passion, we will make it to the other side.

The start-up list below includes the Basic tools that you will need the Time Factor and of course the Monetary needs for your business to grow.

Basic tools.

  • A working Computer or Laptop
  • Software for Creating  Exciting Content
  • A SmartPhone
  • Access to Wi-Fi or data

Time Factor.

I have already stated that you will probably need a period of about 2 years before you can be seeing a relative return of interest on your investment.

This time can be reduced depending on the quality of content that you will be producing and the level of efficiency you will be applying your new skills and putting them into building your business.

I can vouch that this is the most valuable investment that you will put into this business, time. It is the time factor that has made many quit while they were so close to seeing the fruits of their labor. Building an online business is a time-consuming enterprise as I like to say it’s like building a property.

Real estate

A quick Glimpse at Building Property

Property is not delivered in a day, and most probably not within two years. Well, that is if you thinking of just building a house that you can rent out. That can be done within a week.

But when we talking real estate, we are talking months of planning and months of raising capital. Even before that, it would have been a while before you could secure a great location to start building.

Construction on its own will have its own trials and tribulations and it will not be over in a year or even years at a time before you could start moving in.

During construction, you still are raising necessary funds so that you have the cash flow to be able to build and complete construction on time.,

Finding the right tenants and getting them to pay rent on time or finding buyers who are willing to purchase units within your estate. This all takes time. Basically, it will be way over three years before all units, are sold give it two more years before you could start seeing a profit.

So, as you start to build your website just keep this analogy on the back of your mind. It takes time to create something that will pay off very well in the end.

Back to Monetary Needs.

It is a given that all the items mentioned above will require some kind of monetary contribution. Generally, most of us already possess these required tools. But it is always good to mention them just in case you will still need to acquire them.

Then let’s come to the cost of the program.

Your first week is covered for free with a free website and level one training.

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The second level it’s a starter level which will start you at $19 for the first month61% discount is valid for the first 7 days after registering for the free membership. You can keep your free membership for as long as you wish to.


Then you have your Premium membership where you’ll continue paying $49 per month. At any given point should you want to cancel your membership you are allowed?

Premium Plus.

Finally, you have the Premium Plus option that will save you $93 and you only pay $495 per year at once yearly. Your premium plus will reduce your fees to $41 per month give or take. This is a better deal and you also get to save, you only need to pay the full amount all at once.

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There are more incentives attached to joining the Wealthy Affiliate. Bonuses are offered to Action takers.

If you see this as an opportunity to really break free from the bondage caused by early retirement, retrenchment, or breaking free from a job that doesn’t bring your job satisfaction or other financial satisfaction this is the real deal. Take advantage of all these bonuses. Let’s go through them again:

Bonus #1 Free Registration with Free Website and training for level one – Start now take action and Joining the Wealthy Affiliate and start building your online business and in two years when you have created a solid business, through diligence and hard work, it will pay off.

Bonus #2 Join the action takers and get your free membership, 61% off from your first month if you go premium during the first seven days after you have taken your free membership.

Bonus #3 Sign up now and get me as your coach on your side. I’ll take you, step by step through the whole 2 years.

Bonus #4 There is a whole lot of training ahead of us, with a community of over a million, everyone at your side, supporting you. You can really make it.

Bonus#5 Go premium Plus and get a further $93 cut from your fees and pay $495 for the whole year bringing your total to $41 per month give or take.

Hidden Costs

In any business, you get hidden costs. These remain hidden costs only if, you find out about them, when you have to make those payments. It is like a surprise cost. No one likes those kinds of surprises.

Knowing about the hiding cost changes that illusion, and should give you peace of mind. The cost is there, they would still be there. You just get the inside information to prepare you for them.

When I joined, Wealthy Affiliate, I wasn’t aware of these kinds of costs, and when I got the surprise I was infuriated. Who wouldn’t have been? I did not have to make some of these costs but because like doing things the way I like, I had to make extra purchases of domains. If I was patient and consulted my coach, I would have avoided those surprises.

I’m a perfectionist and I needed to purchase domain names that I owned from scratch. I did not like the name extension to my site. The training program provides you with domains under It looks like this: (One of my test sites).

I preferred to buy my sites from earlier on so that I could have the peace of mind that I own my ideas. I was training and having a domain like that gave me confidence, in working on a real product, my site.  If you plan now, then you will use your real site, to build and to play. This for me prepares you to deal with reality and you can treat your site like a real business from the beginning.

These two sites’ Domains cost me under $30. It is not much but if you are not prepared or expecting to pay it is a hidden cost so budget wisely.


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This is an opportunity to come out of poverty and a chance to come out of that raw deal. I do not take being retrenched or forced into early retirement as a joke. It is a hard reality that we will have to deal with at one point in our life. The best thing is to have options when that time comes.

Whether you have given up your chips and settled for a set depreciating monthly income.  I invite you to put on your fighting gloves, prepare yourself for the next round, and live a better life in retirement.

Being retrenched should not define how you spend the rest of your life. But we can certainly use the challenge and better ourselves.

Put on your armor and let’s get to work, let’s build the best site that you have ever built and set you up with an empire that continues to grow long after you are gone. Close the generational struggle and become a Wealthy Affiliate. Leave your children with a Legacy of prosperity at this age.

Do your due diligence with your cards and recognize what you have been dealt and flip the script.



Thank you for taking the time to read and for your continued support. Please leave a comment or a question below, we would really like to engage with you, to provide quality content so that you can always come back. We look forward to your next visit.

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14 thoughts on “Retirement or Early Retirement”

  1. Yes Ntlhane, you are very right to say the retirement brings headaches and fever not only to the person retiring but to the household. However, if well planned, life after retirement can be enjoyable. Running an online business where you will be your own boss and work at your pace is the best for people on retirement who are now free from instructions from their bosses. As a newbie in online marketing, I will ask my parents to consider joining the wealthy affiliate platform to start their online business as soon as possible. I will share your article with them.

    1. Thank you, Dr. Mau, for taking the time to read.

      I am very glad that you see the value of continuing with work after retirement. It does present quite a number of opportunities for retirees. 

      When you are not engaging with any kind of activity, the quality of life is not as desirable and it may invite unwanted ailments and such. Best to keep active and alive, with Wealthy Affiliate in this case.

      I look forward to seeing your parent’s comments. Let them know they have done very well with you. 

      Thank you,


  2. Hi, thank you for sharing this amazing opportunity. I never thoughts it will be so easy to have an early retirement. To be honest I am quite new in this field and I am eager to start learning everything that will bring me success.

    1. Hi Ariana,

      This is a great program that many come and succeed, equally some fail. The difference is not luck but it is using a winning program to bring winning results. Not everyone who cooks does it well, not everyone who bakes succeeds, but we have seen how following the receipt brings forth great results. Follow the training and make Money.

      I wish you all the best with your Business.


  3. Affiliate marketing is a great way to bring in and income at any age but especially once you reach those golden years or years off retirement. Though success in this business may not be guaranteed you can give it your best shot because you never know what can happen with this type of business. So go ahead and give it a shot

    1. That is all we can all do, Morman.

      Give it a shot. And the possibilities are infinite. The program is a winner, we winners doing it all the time on Wealthy Affiliate. All we can do is follow the program and wait for great results.

      Thank you for taking the time to read.


  4. A very detailed article on retirement and retrenchment. It is so important to stay engaged in life fully regardless of work status.

    I am just now retiring from my main occupation in order to give more focus to my digital marketing business. It is a bitter-sweet experience as I have found my current job so rewarding in serving adults and children in the mental health and human services realm.

    I will continue to stay involved on a volunteer basis as I enjoy scaling my digital online business. “When you love what you do why retire?” is my motto as the Un-Retired Entrepreneur. It’s all good. Thanks so much for your words of wisdom in your article. All the Best.

    1. Thank you, William,

      It means a lot that you can see value in this article. I totally agree that it is not only in retirement that you must keep engaged actively in life. Even way before that, life should be celebrated by living it always.

      Thank you, for taking the time to read.


  5. Very inspiring post and early retirement is definitely possible if you are prepared to put in the hours now.

  6. One thing I love about the concept of early retirement is that you don’t have to wait until the life is out of your lifestyle to enjoy wealth built from anything ranging from shrewd investing to becoming a business owner. In my case, I am a professional blogger and have been studying and honing my craft for the past 17 years online and with Wealthy Affiliate for the last 7 years of that.

    As a blogger, I can tell you the bar is set at medium height. You can do this business if you are even if you have issues with spelling, grammar, and disabilities. I myself am plagued by Bipolar Depression which sometimes grabs my focus and shakes it like an Earthquake. I also have had bad social anxiety both since a nervous breakdown. Add a poor formal education and being self-taught in nearly everything I know today.

    There are products even for those who can’t type a lick, like Dragon Naturally Speaking and Grammarly, so poor education or physical impairment are not ending all to this laptop lifestyle. You simply need to have something you are passionate about, a dream that can become a goal, dedication to succeed, and willingness to learn daily and teach what you learn.

    All in all a great post and plenty to think about.

    1. Hi Andy,

      That is great of you to share about all your enlightenment. I have leaned so much from reading about you. I hope we can reach many with all these difficulties and help them start working to wards their retirement.
      Wealthy Affiliate is a great place see these dreams come true.

      Thank you,for a detailed response.


  7. When I was about 15 years old and just about old enough to leave school and enter the big bad world of adulthood and work, i rember a friend of my grandfather who he had worked beside for years had suddenly dropped dead of a Heart Attack. The Irony was that he had only just retired the day before. I decided there and then that I wouldnt go down that line. Lifes too short. So Enjoy it!

    1. Hi Kwidz,

      You sound like someone who would not go willingly into retirement. At the same time you would appreciate living while you are alive. There is nothing like the freedom you would get from owning your own business.

      That being said, I would really encourage you to start building now. There is no better place to start building now like here on WA.

      thank you for taking the time to read.



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