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Product Name:  SiteGuru


Price: Starter $29 p/m, Medium $49 p/m and Agency $149 p/m

Founders: Rick van Haasteren

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100


This company is owned by the founder Rick van Haasteren. This one-man-owned company is based in the South of Holland in a town called Katwijk. The company was founded in 2018 and has grown since then.

Rick has had his fair share of working on small projects in the past that were not as successful. He continued his quest for glory until he found himself working for an agency creating and launching websites on weekly basis as project manager. He would see a lot of websites been launched and would immediately notice the challenges the websites were facing.

He was then, inspired to create a checklist to fix these issues, but those checklists were never attended to. That led him to create this awesome product. An SEO tool to assist web publishers with identifying problems and issues with their websites. This software deals with your issues focusing specifically and providing direct solutions through a to-do list that targets the issues, then publishers are able to resolve their problems.

This provides a healthy website leading to healthy ROIs. Imaging an audit that targets a thousand issues in a flash, and provides focused repots. No need to dig through sheets of data, but work on a manageable list to resolve hi-impact issues and save time and money at the same time. SiteGuru.

Product Features

The SiteGuru website is quite clean and very easy to follow. The company aims to help users to succeed as search engine optimization professionals. The software works as an auditor which helps to get an audit of your websites and find issues that need to be fixed, prioritize them, and gives you a specific list to resolve your problems.

Their features are laid out into three clusters.

  • Top features
  • Core SEO Reports
  • And Detailed Reporting

SiteGuru Features Clusters Screenshot

Website crawler

The Crawler gives you a clear picture of your website landscape. SiteGuru will crawl your entire website showing you the full picture of what needs to be done. Internal links and sitemaps – the crawler checks everywhere giving a full review of your site even the pages or posts that you have forgotten that you had.

Every week fresh SEO reports are generated and you are able to generate your own manual reports, should you like.

SiteGuru To Do list Screenshot

SEO To-Do Lists.

The crawler inspects over a hundred data points of your website and over 20 reports will be produced.

What is amazing is that you don’t have to go through all these reports, losing valuable time you could be using to focus on your business.

SiteGuru will select only the pages that show significant impact and prioritize those affected pages so you can focus on the main problems. Giving you specific actions that need to be taken to resolve affected pages.

Working With Your Clients

Satguru provides a facility that allows you to invite your team to come work with you on specific projects. Invite copywriters, developers, and accounts teams with ease to work on set projects. There is no limit to how many people can be invited to access information.

Keep Track Of Changes Made.

A weekly check-up is done to see what has changed page titles, canonical tags, and meta descriptions. Access speed changes over time and just to keep track of the overall health of your website this is the best way to identify problems before they are problematic. A very great way to show initiative to your clients with regards to their progress and the progress you’ve made.

SiteGuru Document Export Screenshot

Export All your Data to User-Friendly Documents.

This feature allows you to export all your documents with ease. Export to CSV and MS Word with your own logo and company name on the report.

This allows you to create your own magic, creating your own Excel or Google sheets. Your clients will love this level of professionalism.

Link Your Google Analytics and Google Search Console.

Link up your Google search console with your Google Analytics and get quick results. Be able to check keywords and how your pages rank.  Giving you ways to improve your CTR and monitor all your rankings in one tool.

SiteGuruGoogle Analytis and Console merge Screenshot

Insights to All Things SEO

Meta Descriptions And Page Titles.

Get the basics of meta descriptions right. Find missing pages, duplicated pages, and meta descriptions. Find those titles and descriptions that have a suboptimal length.

Get a direct preview of the SERP for that page and see how it will look, on mobile and desktop, not on one page but on hundreds of all your posts.

Page Speed and Core Web Vitals.

Know when you’re page speed reaches critical value through a weekly check-up on your page speed. SiteGuru will check hundreds of pages using page speech API and show the results in one overview saving you hours of trying to find slow pages.


Sitemaps are very important and very vital to your SEO. Sitemaps will give you detailed reports on the validity of your Site. Sitemaps lets you know if they are up-to-date and correct. SiteGuru would find missing pages and broken pages, redirect them so that Google can find them again. This is a most invaluable improvement to the Sitemaps, your website will need.

Broken Links and Redirects.

Broken links will irritate your uses. In that way bring harm to your SEO activities. With SiteGuru, routine checkups on your internal and external links will ensure that your visitors are always on the right page. There is no better way of finding broken links and restore them on 100 posts and thousands of links.

Structured Data.

Structured data is a very good way to improve your visibility on Google, every SEO knows that. SiteGuru provides a report to find which pages have structured data and where you could add some schema and improve your visibility on Search Engines.

Canonical URLs.

Incorrect canonical URLs can damage the SEO for your websites. SiteGuru provides for each and every page a canonical report that shows what type of canonical it has, helping you to identify canonicalization issues and help prevent disasters to your SEO.

SiteGuru Hreflungs ScreenshotHreflungs

It is not easy to do an audit for international websites. Finding the right language translations and dealing with page issues could be a nightmare. The Hreflungs is very much required to make a page target the right audience, it is not easy to do this. Th Hreflungs-report provides reports that show which page has which Hreflungs to help quickly uncover pages with specific languages, which helps to save a lot of time with international websites.

Detailed Reporting

Page Structure and headings – This feature will help identify and show all your structures of headings from H1 to H6, and pages without H1 or with multiple H1 headings, identified and highlighted.

No-index Settings – NO more SEO bloopers with our No-index settings. Our No-index setting will make sure that all the no index stays unindexed.

Images without alt Texts – images without alternative text make it difficult for Google to understand what the image is about. The image reports show which images are without alt text. Imagine how difficult it would be to go through all your images on your website to find those without alternative text.

OpenGraph Data – The opengraph data report identifies pages that don’t have the opengraph data tags, as you know it is important to have the opengraph data tags so that your pages can stand out on social media

Google Analytics Tracking Code – Our Analytics reports inform us of tracking codes that are supposed to be placed on each and every page in order for Google Analytics to be able to track your pages.

HTML Validation – SiteGuru uses a W3 HTML validator to check for issues on each and every page. When some may think invalid HTML is not a serious issue when it comes to your SEO, HTML may present underlying issues with code when it comes to cross-browser issues and mobile issues. This makes our W3 HTML validator bring value to your website.

What Will It Cost You To Acquire The Product?

Fortunately, SiteGuru provides a simple and straightforward pricing schedule, which is ten times cheaper than doing your own manual SEO audit. All packages come with a free 15 day free trial with no credit card required. When you buy your package annually you will get a generous 20% off.

SiteGuru All Plans monthly Screenshot

Like any business, there are Challenges and Positives that may define your growth.

Some of the Pros include –

  • All packages allow for unlimited users.
  • You can still use the free features after your trial period ends.
  • No need for plugins and code.
  • Easy to use.

Well talking about the Cons.

  • One man rodeo!
  • Owner founder CEO has a day job and does SiteGuru by night.

My Take On The Product

It is amazing to see a start-up rise up and become a company like SieGuru. There is nothing like a story of an underdog rising and becoming a formidable player in the game.

What SiteGuru provides is very much needed in the industry and many of the companies providing this kind of service deal with large companies and might not have time for the smaller companies.

Pricing seems to be affordable if you consider the kind of detail that comes with the reporting. But for someone starting out it is still on the steep side. So I don’t see many companies that are starting off running for this generous offer.

Like I said I have a thing for startups that are rising. It’s almost as if they deserve the opportunity or a chance to become the best company they can become. But where do you draw a line? You have a one-man rodeo attending to clients or rather a clientele of over 7,000 with no manpower.

What is alarming is that the founder holds a full-time job with Oak a Dutch Company that does website work as well. Where do you get the time to cater to your 7,000+ clients?

While that question is being answered, I will continue with the review. Many of the facilities and features that were mentioned are small tasks, that can be done if you have the basic knowledge about SEO. But fair enough as your site grows, it does become difficult to deal with those mundane issues.

Some of the facilities that are offered like Google Console and Google Analytics already freely available but again I  suppose to have them linked could make a job easier.

SiteGuru All Plans include Screenshot

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SiteGuru is a legitimate side-hustle that is showing signs of positive growth. The founder sounds like a solid entrepreneur who is building his Empire. I feel there is a future for SiteGuru and I wish the best of luck to Rick van Haasteren.

If you are looking for a company that you can grow with, in building your website. Rick is offering quite a good offer. Of course, there are concerns like I have mentioned before, but it’s something that can be handled. Being part of a network myself I am aware of how much clientele can be handle with just a few technicians.

So, that’s my take on that. I hope you have managed to get all your questions answered through this review, should you wish to ask further questions with regards to the software, please feel free to ask any questions and I will surely come back to you.



Product Name:  SiteGuru


Price: Starter $29 p/m, Medium $49 p/m and Agency $149 p/m

Founders: Rick van Haasteren

Overall Rank: 20 out of 100


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6 thoughts on “SiteGuru Review”

  1. SiteGuru is an absolute blessing in disguise but you would only know that if you do anything in affiliate marketing. Having your website fixed at a push of a button when something happens. Managing your updates to keep your website running at the best speed and efficiency as possible. Great job! couldn’t have laid it out better myself.

    1. Hi Tobuscus,

      Thank you for taking the time to read through our review. I agree that this product is a blessing to many that need this form of assistance in building their online presence. We appreciate your positive comments and please feel free to call again, should you have any further questions.


  2. It certainly seems to include all the important checks that are needed to keep your website running healthy. Can you fix your errors with the click of a button and let Site Guru take care of it. Or does it just find the faulst and you need to fix them yourself? Also, what is the Free version?

    1. That would be nice to fix all your problems with a switch of a button. Maybe they are still working on that tech. What SiteGuru does is look through thousands of pages of your website and identify what needs the most attention then narrow it down to a couple of pages that are manageable. 

      Let’s say you only had a problem with one page and it was losing you money. Can you imaging how difficult it would be to find one page out of a thousand to fix? You still need to work diligently on your site. This helps to save time and money and helps grow your business. It is not a magic pill.

      thank you for taking the time to read.


  3. Thank you for this review on SiteGuru, a platform that I have not come across before. I am surprised though that after all the positive things you mentioned about SiteGuru, that you only gave a ranking of 20 / 100. What are the negatives aspects to have given the platform such a low rating?

    I have been looking into joining Semrush, who seems to offer the same services, so how would SiteGuru compare with Semrush, and which one would be better to join?

    1. Hi, Line.

      I agree, that the posting is a little too far. I was in communication with the CEO of SiteGuru who also pointed out the same concern. My reason for a low rating is that the CEO does SiteGuru works at night and holds a full-time job during the day. It is a great thing but how do you make sure your clients are taken care of?

      While Semrush has a full team and has an Affiliation program and much more services, SiteGuru is still finding its way. It is a great product with the potential to be greater, hence my low rating and a good review. Semrush is more organized though expensive. Go with Semrush.

      Thank you, for taking the time to read.



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