Strategic Plan Implementation Steps

January 17, 2021 7 Comments

– Where to start? Hi EOBAffiliates,

I found myself starting the implementation process and working backward to create a program/plan to continue running my business. I am not proud of that but it is a decision I took as an Entrepreneur at heart. How many businesses start strategically working from a set plan?

Of course when you have used a plan for a while and you know your business it is easier to start a plan. Well, maybe it was because the business was new to me. If I were to start a new website, It will be easy to create a plan.

We have looked at the process of planning for the past few weeks and we are almost at the end of the cycle. This is the most difficult part of the cycle and it do-or-die, to the manager. There are still notes to make at this level. Let’s recap what have we covered this far.

Vision – The insight into your inspiration that drives you to desire to create an online business.

Mission – Your set mission was to build and develop your Wealthy Affiliate website. This you would do with the guidance of the OEC (Online Entrepreneur Certificate) Or the Boot Camp.

Budget – We then looked at the cost that you will need to attend to and how they will affect the development of your business.

Action Plan – The strategies are taken to prepare for the running of your business. How you would go about ensuring that all the necessary steps are taken towards success in your business.


This is where we are today I asked a question where do you start. I would look at my resources, what do I have to start building my online business – When we looked at NFOF you identified what you have as resources. See that your resources are in place. The first in this case it will be your membership with Wealthy Affiliate. This will cover the majority of what you need:

  • Websites.
  • Training in Online Business.
  • Tools to create and maintain your website.
  • A support system to help you through the tough days.
  • A platform to practice in a safe and progressive environment.
  • Access to other websites and web publishers to bounce ideas.
  • Affiliate agencies /partners.
  • Access to International banking.
  • Constant personal and peer feedback and reflection on your development.
  • Personal coaching and one on one session.
  • Forever evolving training and resources.

This is just the surface of what the wealthy Affiliate will provide for a minimal fee of $49 per month. The fee could be reduced when you commit for a complete year.

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These are items you will need to start:

  • Email Addresses.
  • Personal Banking Account.
  • Credit Card/Debit Cards.

To make sure that you follow your plan you will need tools to help you remember important times and dates that you need to have completed some of your tasks. These are more referring to the personal management tool. If you were a part of a big company, you would need bigger management tools that are available. These tools will reflect Action Plans, Budgetary requirements, The Philosophy behind your Strategy / Vision, and mission. Some companies reside their vision and mission at the start of the day, ensuring that every member of the team knows what the business is about.

Here are the basic tools that can be used:

  • Calendar – Important for a start, progress, and end dates.
  • Diary /Journal – Self-reflection on any possible tasks, ideas, and notes to self or to the team.
  • Reminders – As system could help you remember important task dates that you need to attend to.
  • Notebooks – For recording progress. This is mostly handy when you have to give a report.
  • Post it – These on a wall, in your Journal and notebook, are invaluable.
  • Apps – There is an app for anything these days and new ones daily. Finding one that is appropriate for you or your team.

Most importantly you will require indicators to set a benchmark for your successes and failures, Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). They will dictate what you want to attain and when you would like to do that.

Your KPIs could be just a measure of raw numbers, the progress, and changes that you will have to archive in a specific period.


These could be a simple numeric representation of achievement, percentage of comparisons with successful companies, or just indicators of how much progress is done. That is why you may need weekly / monthly or quarterly reports and meetings to address matters of progress or failure and make adjustments to the implementation and planning processes.

Your KPIs could be a blend of both the above-mentioned Numbers and percentages in relation to a set scale (previous projects or any past successful project). They could be tabulated or displayed on a graph. What is important is that every stakeholder has to have a visual representation of everyone’s progress. This will create ownership and get every involved all working towards the same goal.

The important element to attend to:

Communication – Frequent reflection meetings to measure the rate of progress. Motivate members and build morale.

Feedback – Consistent feedback assures that we are all on the same page and there is no break in communication.

Incentives – These will keep everyone motivated and working towards goals with enthusiasm.

Accountability – Everyone should know who is in charge of what and make sure that are accountable for their part in the whole picture. Where the are overlaps, make sure, there clearer indicators to avoid scapegoats and misunderstanding.

Resources – Make sure everyone has what they need to complete tasks.

All businesses develop their own culture, it is best to involve everyone in these processes so that there is no one left out. Values and ethics should be clarified from the beginning.

Most businesses already develop systems to deal with legal matters. Policies should be part of the agenda as you grow your company. These are usually drawn into the constitution of developed companies. In relation think of the laws of the country and plan towards these as apart from a flourishing company that followed their plan this still a possibility of all these other challenges.

Now moving forward.

With regard to your Online Business and you’re planing. It is a given you might be alone to start this venture so everything lies in your capable hand. Some people may go into this company/couple. It is always great to have someone along your side on a journey like this.

When all the tasks lie square on you, you may need to pace yourself and your development. Remember it is not a race! apart from the challenges of starting a website from scratch. You will also face challenges of choice as this will be your business for life and you do not want to be trapped in something that will bring grief to your existence. You need to make a choice as you go into this business. What are you comfortable doing. The will be plenty of writing, that will be required of you. No need to fret, whatever you choose you will eventually become an expert in it. These are some of the wonders of this business.

Things to look out for.

When going into a business that will change your life you may be drawn to think it will be very quick and you will make money in no time. Some are drawn to ask how long will it take to make some money. You may have been searching for this opportunity for so long that you ended up thinking this is a get-rich-quick scheme. Well, it is not. Like any business, it will take time before you can see revenue.

Let’s use an analogy of an estate company. Well, first you will have to get capital to design your idea of your Estate. This might mean you need to get investors for that. Though you may be receiving funds for this process it is not for you, it is to be invested in your design.

You will also need initial capital as you may have noted these in your Budget items.

Second, you will need capital to buy the land and capital to build. By the time you are ready to make money out of your investments, it will be years. You may already sell some of the apartments to increase your cash flow during construction but it will still be years before you break even and start seeing profits. When that happens, depending on all the work and the quality of the work you have put into your business. The payoff will be well-deserved.

This is just the surface of what the wealthy Affiliate will provide for a minimal fee of $49 per month. The fee could be reduced when you commit for a complete year.

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Don’t take shortcuts.

Every step in the process is vital. It is of great importance that you follow all the steps to the tee. If you take shortcuts they tend to be shortcuts back at you when the time comes to make a profit. Take all the time you need to learn. Remember you are doing all the work at your pace. No one is rushing you. If you treat the process as the analogy of an Estate company then you will be more inclined to make it work. Even after building, you still need to build an environment that promotes the willingness to pay rent and comment on your bond. This means you will still have to continue maintaining your estate and deal with any changes introduced to your location.

All the best with your Online Business.

Not that you are set, your site is built and ready for traffic. Remember that you will have to find tenants to pay rent to you. Finding Affiliate programs is an exercise that requires patience and persistence. Search well for Affiliate programs and complete your masterpiece.

One reason we end up anxious to see revenues is getting Affiliates too soon. It is required as it is part of training but, you need to understand that it will take loads of traffic to start seeing conversions. Traffic can be secured by following your SEO training and the use of your Search Engine Optimization tool at all times. Don’t just use it, make sure you understand what it means to pick low-hanging fruit; to be indexed on Google, and to eventually Rank number one.

In conclusion.

There is a lot to learn and this is an introduction to the next Online Business 101 series. That will be looking at the insides of your Online Business. Some of the topics have been touched and we will be going into more details alongside your training. The most awesome thing about Wealthy Affiliate is that the learning never ends. That is the core of an Entrepreneurial Online Business Affiliate.

Never stop learning, should you find another site or program teaching the same content that you are receiving now. Pay more attention and make sure that you come out of that experience with something. It is when you decide you know that you will be left behind.

The world wide web has been in existence to a whole now. Knowing where it all started gives you the perspective of how the environment is forever changing. Google has developed so greatly that you can not keep up with all that is available to make your life as an Affiliate Marketer a little bearable.

There is a great deal to be learned and adapt to the attitude of someone who is a lifelong student. The best trainers are teachers who are forever rediscovering themselves. Only those who can learn, unlearn and relearn will have their hands on the pulse of what future technologies will produce and they will be able to adapt to the changes.

Thank you for taking the time to read through this series. As you take time to review what you are taking from this, also take time to evaluate your Busines Plan. What has worked, what is not working? Make any changes that are necessary to ensure success for your next online business idea.

Please feel free to share your finding and comment below. Be sure to subscribe to receive news on our next Online Business 101, series.

Take care,


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7 thoughts on “Strategic Plan Implementation Steps”

  1. It’s true…you have to have a plan.  Vision, mission, budget and action are all important but we must remember to always be flexible.  I love all the in-depth information you’ve put down here.  For those of us new to business, it’s always helpful to have a step-by-step process in setting up a business plan.  I will write down my plan “in pencil” so that I can adjust my sails as I learn more.  Thank you for this great article!

  2. Running and online business is just like running and of line business. It is a lot of work calling for lots of planning trying to find your way if I can use those words hoping that every thing you deciede on will move your business in the right direction. Thanks so much for sharing.

  3. This is very good information on creating and implementing a plan. Once the plan is in place taking action on a strategic and consistent basis is critical. Also selecting the appropriate tools makes life in building a business much easier. I totally agree that it is not wise at all to take shortcuts because they end up being longcuts in the end by wasting much time and energy. Each step in the process is important. Although there is a lot to learn taking each step as efficiently and effectively as possible pays big dividends in the long run. 

    1. That is 100% accurate, Joseph.

      Many businesses fail not because they failed to plan but because they did not follow their Plans. What was the point of planning in the first place. That is why it is important to invest in the implementation process.

      We will be looking at these implementation tools in the future. Feel free to suggest any if you may. Thank you for taking the time to read.


  4. This is truly a phenomenal article, and again a reminder that enhances your success tenfold if you follow a plan. When I started with online marketing, I quickly realized that there are so many things or aspects you can work on that it’s easy to get distracted, and that causes your overall productivity to decrease.

    Focus on one aspect of your website, get that rolled out, find a way to keep the momentum going, and then move on to the next aspect. 

    Thank you very much for this well-laid-out piece.

    1. Thank you for taking to read, your compliments are humbling. Please feel free to come back for the whole series on, Online Business 101- Looking at Vision and Mission, Budgeting, and Action Plans.

      Look forward to seeing you here.



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