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What is your True Niche!

In our second session, we will start by looking into the life cycle of a project. This can be seen as a year cycle for a business. But the focus will be the beginning of a dream. The special moment captures every entrepreneur and inspires them to effect change in the lives of many.

For any thriving business, if you look deep into how it was founded, there is always a captivating tale that goes with the foundation of any conglomerate. These entire tales are a fundamental chance that led to greatness. The people leading in these stories were driven by the hunger that separates winners and runners-up.

When becoming an Onlinepreneur, I was introduced to the word Niche. To start let’s brainstorm/research this keyword Niche. Let’s see how many synonyms you can come up with for the word.

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Analyze Your Competition

This word directly translated refers to vocation, calling, slot, forte, role, function, position, place, slit, opening, hole, space, aperture, period, time, aptitude, inclination, talent, bent, ability, natural ability, urge, profession, occupation, work, business, mission, passion, specialty strength, talent, gift, capacity, faculty, ability, strong point or suit, part, character, title and starring role…

The list goes on and on as you can see. But for some reason, we end at the niche. Well, that calls for another debate.

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Building your Vision Statement.

Now back to business! With all the niche words we have compiled above and that out there on our world wide web, to start on your Business plan you need to find one that works for you it could be two. Let be clear you’re not finding your niche as yet.

In order for this to work, I would like you to indulge me. To many, this word means nothing if you do not have a reference point and you can not go into business, with nothingness. Find your reference point, a Niche synonym that speaks your language.

Mines is Talent and Gift – This sets me apart from any business person out there. My gifts are unique to who I am and that makes me my own competition. It is all a competition and you do all that is Ethic, True and has the integrity to come up top.

So you have chosen the Niche Synonym that means something to you meaning you do understand what it is. Now I would like you to Dream!

Yes, some people call it Sleep and dream, Daydream, trip, hallucination, VISION.

This is how greatness is formed through a vision. Unfortunately, I cannot give these out, you have to experience yours. Well different stroke for different folks. Find one if you are unable to dream.

To help you, let’s look within: Draw a table with four squares and write these headings for each block, and analyze your NFOF’s (NFOF’s Analysis).


Niche word/s

Not all of us have the luxury of dreaming and hallucinations. So what? Take your niche word and place it in the world. This thing that you like, your calls, your fortes, which group of people does it speak to?

Break down the group into these categories:

  • Geographic placement.
  • Age group.
  • Sex
  • Lifestyle
  • Class
  • Income bracket
  • Society
  • Economic state
  • Your place in that world.

In relation to your Niche word what are the needs of your group. It might not be related to your niche, still, how can your niche play a role in making the lives of your group better? Analyze these variables using the Window you used above on yourself to figure out your NFOF’s Window.

Analysis window – look through this window and discover your group, their need, and how you will be able to bring good into their lives.

Complete this statement after you continue with the task above.

My Name is (Your business name) and my (your niche word/s) are/is (Name your niche).
Now write a paragraph on how you are going to use your talents to help with the challenges you have identified in your group, through your NFOF’s window analysis.

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This is my Vision statement:

My Name is Entrepreneurial Online Business Affiliate, My Talent Is Giving opportunities for Entrepreneurs to bring their Business ideas, aspirations, and their desire to uplift themselves, to life through Online Affiliate Business Entrepreneurship.

What you describe above is an insight that only you were given the vision to identify with and find solutions that will assist in the betterment of your audience. Now that you have found your Vision, let’s go!

What would I do with my vision? I would share it with my allies and always make sure it resonates with my group at all times.

This is one of the most important steps that you have made. Remember your vision should speak to your insight on the group you have chosen to speak to. You are going to produce millions of words for this group and the only way that is possible is if you have chosen part of yourself to share with your group.

If not you will struggle to come up with content as you would not be sharing on your gifts natural ability but a forced one. You don’t have to be an expert in this but you will be one eventually.

Thank you for reading, EOBAffiliates!


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