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Blood is thicker and water flows away.


There is no family that has nothing holding them together. The first thing that comes to mind is tears, blood, and war. When there are tears in the family, we all come together to mourn as a family. When there is a newborn we all come to celebrate, and when we are attacked, we unite and stand together against all forces. That is true family values.

At Wealthy Affiliate, we are like family, and Yes blood is thicker than water! if you want to be part of Wealthy Affiliate, Do your due diligence, read reviews, and have no doubt when you sign on and join your new family. Many interested entrepreneurs don’t do their backgrounds check (research before you make a decision) and they end up frustrated, losing hope, and dropping out. Don’t be like one of them!

My Discovery about Wealthy Affiliate.

In only a couple of months, this is what I have learned. Is it too soon to be committed to my new family, some may think I am naive. Naive or not I am ecstatic to be here and do what I do. It is still early days, but the overwhelming welcome, presence, and support through difficult times by the community at Wealthy Affiliate is worth enduring till the days of prosperity. So I’ll keep working until it pays off.

In only two months I have learned so much at Wealthy Affiliate:

  • I own www. real estate, I have my own domain.
  • My pages are indexed on Google.
  • I am working on my second website.
  • I am improving on my weaknesses.

I take baby steps.

Like in any other family, when you are a child you are taught and you grow and have more responsibilities. You might get some allowance as you grow up to learn about money but it takes years for the growth to take place. When you are old enough and you are independent, you start making your own. Then all decisions are up to you.

As a Wealthy Affiliate, you arrive as an equal, not a child. You can show growth in your work and work your way to the top. All that will come with Good working Ethics and Persistence. When you join and start training, Apply these two principles and you may reap the fruits of your labor eventually. In the meantime, you can observe your growth and anticipate your payout – do not give up! Your prize is just around the corner.

The family grows and young ones eventually leave the nest.

As my siblings grew and found their footing it was awesome to see them flap their own and fly away. They would always come back and leave some pearls of wisdom and made my path just a little more bearable.

So does the top 200 Members, the top 100 Members, and Ambassadors at Wealthy Affiliate, they are like my older siblings, they help and inspire. Even the founders of Wealthy Affiliate still teach, help, and inspire. They inspire everyone to thrive, by learning continuously. Everyone is everyone’s teacher on daily basis from the moment sign up even when you are just trying the program out, with the free 7 days sign-up.

Good families teach even their young ones to participate.

This is what we do at Wealthy Affiliate, from the very first day you sign-up, you can offer your dimes and pearls to the members of the community. Your contribution will be appreciated and you will already be learning to train those coming behind you. Training is interactive and there is always someone on the other side of the world, who is up and willing to help.

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Bad apples fall not too far from the tree.

There is always someone in the family who will “Need Extra Grace” I call them negs. Being a neg does not mean you are no more a part of your family, it might mean you are growing and exploring a different path and tend to be negative towards your own family. But still, you are part of the family.

There are some people who are not happy with our progress so they will write reviews that might lead you astray. This is where I stress my sentiment. “Mind your own Business”, it is easy to fall for these false truths in reviews that haters concoct.

We are in the age of the www. It is easy to write reviews and claim all sorts of things, to make it look like someone is bad. So we at Wealthy Affiliate, do have plenty of stones thrown at us. Sometimes by prodigal family members’ who feel bitter and angry. WA does not trash talk their own but always remains Ethic in our approach.

Family Feuds are a normal occurring – Rome Meets Juliet

When feuds happen, they are sometimes century-long and when you dig to find out the truth about them, it is usually a petty grudge that was formed in the childhood of your grandparents.

There are companies that seem to have grudges towards Wealthy Affiliate, they have been for a while. Some of their reviews might lead you astray. Even years from now there will be that rivalry. Mind your Business.

I have learned to look past feuds and work towards my greatness. To archive my goals I must have focus. Only in my work and progress. The truth lies in you. Let go of rumors and innuendo.

Some other companies may just be trying to make a living off Wealthy Affiliate. I allow myself to be cheated only for a little while. So that I do not lose lifelong relationships with my family members too. When I thrive and prosper I realize I was not cheated I was being prepared for this greatness. Take heed and go down to my Side Bar or anywhere around the article. Click, and commit your self on any WA text, to a great opportunity at Wealthy Affiliate. See you on the inside!

Do your own due diligence – listen to your head for all the facts.

Your head can never tell you if you are happy in a specific environment. You already spend half of your life on social media and you are exposed to shaming and being blocked and negative rumors in the grape wine. You are built to see yourself through hard times of being tested. I can always come to the community of Family at Wealthy Affiliate and find strength and hope that my contribution matters and eventually I will see dividends. Join us!

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