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Mind your own Business

I learned to mind my own business when I realized that, that is what great business people do. They mind what they are able to achieve through strategic planning and implementation of their great ideas in a S.M.A.R.T way. The World Wide Web is one of the SMART ways to do Business, With over 4 billion potential clients visiting your shore daily. Now, this is what the best real estate is "location, location, location" how did we miss that for so long. The best money can buy. WWW has been around since 1991, even though that is the case for the global implementation, it was created and conceived in 1989 by scientist creating a platform for communication and sharing of information. I only knew then we would be very successful in the WWW. Business. So it is better late than never, there are still opportunities to capitalize, for a lack of a better word, on it. I have heard many Business people. Entrepreneurs Marketing specialist saying that the economy is in shambles and recession has hit us the hardest while there is all this opportunity. Ecommerce has not experienced some challenges during Covid 19 days but not as hard-hitting to other business wears there have been online methods to sell and make a living. These opportunities are not only for the techno gurus. Even for a simpleton like me, it was possible the rise with us, as we embrace the challenges and welcome the new age. Even before then the thinking for Gen Z, and millennials. The kinds of jobs that are being developed for them are not that of 9 to 5 hours at work type, working for less pay and loads of work. It is time to make that change and build a legacy from anywhere in the world. Take heed and listen. To the words of the wise. It is never too late to start. So, Let's Go! Wolves in sheepskin. I have seen many in my days trying to make it in my lifetime. They do come in all shapes and sizes. Well, the hard part is to know what is what and who is here to destroy and not to build. This has killed the spirit to work and strive for your success every one aspires to be a wolf and find quick ways to make a buck. E.O.B. A does not promise a get-rich-quick plan, all this has taken time and attention to be developed. When it bears fruit in the end, it will be because of the Work Ethic, The Persistence, and Applying the knowledge from the training that sets E.O.B. A, apart from other online businesses or shall I say the sheep. This service is to build wealth not what wolves would do, take away wealth. I reiterate, it is not easy to differentiate but, it is the work and growth that I will focus on if I do not see growth in me and in the time and capital that I invest. Then it is time to move on. I set out to shelter and guide our trainees in a safe environment with a supportive community that is growing each and every day. Training is a life long activity even after completion of training there is always more training to keep our Affiliates at rest with great technology and new developments in our industry. You are never alone at E.O.B.A. You can not have fun alone. Online training is the best, for individuals that are thriving in the Business. We set out to set you up for great Success This website is not only a conduit that sends potentials to training and leaves them stranded. We continue to be resilient and from Entrepreneurs that transcend Business practice to create wealth where no one charters or ventures in. When all is said and done, the Mighty Business Person does not have to beg for capital that is not affordable, but they can easily fund their Initial dreams of being business people of note, through their own start-up capital, built through E.O.B.A. When you have paid your dues and you have cash power, there is no stopping your growth and as an entrepreneur, you can only dream it and bring it to life. With real eobaness! Yours in Christ, Lucky Ntlhane Ratlhagane http://e-o-b-a.com
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