What Is Delaying Gratification?

June 15, 2021 6 Comments

Some things take timeWhat Is Delaying Gratification?

You are probably wondering what this means, it is. The first part is known to us as Delaying – withholding; holding back, procrastination, let time pass without completing to course delay.

Gratification according to Wikipedia, is a pleasurable emotional reaction of happiness in response, to fulfillment of desire or goal. It is also identified as a response stemming from the fulfillment of social needs such as affiliating, Socializing, social approval, and mutual recognition.

This result is holding back pleasure, allowing time to pass before we indulge in this pleasure. This is believed to tighten the level of pleasure when we finally get gratification.

This is not a new theory, it has been used in the past by great generations as a cognitive strategy, to build our society into what it is, but it is losing its value as we now view it as a social construct and not as an intrinsic motivation to do well or achieve our greater goals through impulse control, self-control, using will power and patience.

In the past it would take forever to travel to far of places, just to get a message around the world and it meant so much to see the results. Now the same can be archived in hours and sometimes seconds. So we have lost the appreciation of our willpower in doing anything.

This has translated into looking for a quick way to do things and never bothered to invest time in anything we do – Instant Gratification.

Now as you are looking through the internet for ideas on your new online business. You are probably motivated to find something that can quickly satisfy your desire. We think that is the only way and we do not bother to still explore things that might require time and effort. So we look for the easy way out.


Your Online Business.

The irony is, although building an Online Business is creating a business that will allow many to do things in a flick of a switch, it still requires much time to set up, it will be years before you can start seeing a profit.

Why is this is so hard to believe? I do not blame anyone who thinks that things should be done in the quickest way possible. this is the new mental conditioning. But it is not the best way to view challenges. If we stick to this thinking we are lost. and unless we reform our thinking and get into that kind of thinking that will help our development processes to respect the time and what it offers, a room to do things well with a level of perfection. “The Informed Mentality”. If we still think everything can be rushed and done quickly and still achieve the best results, we will not find the confidence to start anything of our own that demands work and time. No one would ever start a new business.

Thinking Differently?

Be the change you desire!

You need to start “Building a Wealth Mentality”. Remember the saying Easy come Easy go? It only applies if the foundation on which you build was easily achieved. It is different when the time was invested and there was blood and sweat involved in the early stages of building our foundation.

Think of it this way – When you build a skyscraper the tranches to lay the foundation are dug very deep into the ground. Secondly, reinforcement is used in the form of Iron to add more strength. Before any additional superficial construction can be done the foundation will need to be laid and rested so that the concrete can cure properly. The keyword being time, it will take time to get the foundation to be ready to continue building.

Building a website requires time to cure before you can start reaping the fruit of your labor. Building a Wealth Mentality simply means relearning and understanding that it takes time to build something worthwhile. Remember the 10 – 10 000 rule. If you want to learn something, build something worthwhile you will need practice, for every 10 hours of learning you will need 10 000 more hours to practice and refine your skills and knowledge.

That is the truth and we have lost that understanding and we are always looking for quickies and miss out on worthwhile opportunities for refined growth.

Let’s have a look at some comparisons.

What Goes Into The Best Wine.

If building an online business was like going into wine production, you would then look for the best in wine production. Where would be the best place to start? The best place would not be in Greenland, would it?

Even if you were in the right place say the South of Africa in the wine lands of Stellenbosch, you would still need to find the perfect land and soil.  That is not the end.  The type of fruit you will farm is of great importance

Selection – Not any vine will do, you will need to find the best fruit. You have to find a plant that has proven to grow well and can withstand harsh weather and is highly resilient.

  • Finding the best network that has a great trek record and has been around for a long time. You should be able to outsource proof that they have the capacity to pull your new business to success. Due Diligence is needed. Take your time to find the right fit.

Development – Before you go into development, you have to be sure you have the right methods and techniques. Passion should have been involved from the first step. Without passion in anything, you bound to fail. You can build passion, but it takes a lifetime. The best is to choose something that you have already cultivated a love for over years. Some skills will be new skills to acquire, don’t stress you will always be able to add on to the skills you have, there is always help.

  • Finding a Niche that you are passionate about is of paramount importance. You will have to create content for years, passion is important to make writing a pleasure. Choose the correct Niche.



Production – There will be specific steps you will need to apply, very specific and traditional methods that will improve your winery. You will have to adapt to new and improved ways of making Wine.

  • The best training is available if you chose correctly. Following training has to be consistent and diligent. If you know where you are going it will be easy to enjoy your journey. So it is important to have a focus on what you are building. Reading to build your knowledge and skills will help to keep a steady focus on your set goals.

The waiting game – It is not really a game, it might feel tedious at times, you have to wait for the wine to start aging. The wine has to be kept at precise temperatures and monitored. The tasting will be required on occasion and feedback requested.  Even though you might have to wait you still need to keep at the process to assure that when the time to bottle your wine comes, you bottle the best wine.

  • While you are waiting to build Traffic to your site, you will have to build content and maintain your site. This will require daily inspection and updating.  There are other aspects of life that will always present challenges. They will be no reason to let go and give up. You will have to keep your energies up and motivated. A supportive structure is suggested by people who will keep you motivated and believing in yourself.

Bottling and Marketing – Your product has to sell and your market will need to know of your product. There are plenty of marketing strategies to apply. Creating partnerships will accelerate your product getting out there.

  • Monetising your business will be of great need to your growing business. Search for affiliate markets that will resonate with your Niche and target groups.  Partner with the best Affiliate to assure the best results and revenues at the end.

Selling your Product – Finding outlets for your product may prove to be a challenging process.  Offering samples and creating a positive vibe on the social media party scene will launch your product to the heart of the business. Find an audience to buy into your new wine.

  • This last step is ongoing, creating ads that will drive audiences to your site. There are ways to repackage your product and resell it to your audience.

This process could take anything over five years and more it will be long before you could see a profit.


Businesses Don’t Always Survive.

Building a business is a difficult process. You are not guaranteed success when you start. Many businesses will not survive beyond the six months period. A great percentage of that business will not see past five years.  There is no reason why you should not see your business as such.

All the challenges faced in any business will plague your efforts, so you need to keep cultivating the winning mentality, while you continue to:


And the execution of your required actions to ensure the growth of your Business.

We have simply forgotten.

We have lost our desire for discipline to put an effort to become worthwhile and we have replaced it with quick artificial fixes. The quality of everything has been reduced to instant and easy to make.

  • Where in the challenge of doing anything worthwhile?
  • It is almost as if we are preparing for the end of time. Are we?

Delaying Gratification has been adapted over centuries by how we consume our media. Studies have shown that we all have different elements that gratify our pleasure needs and desires.  By simply reading an article I could be and expect something. The truth is there have always been things that can be done very quickly but at the same time things that required time. We have simply forgotten which is which.

Remember what is forgotten.

We then choose to recognize the easy way out.  You can never invest in something that requires work and time simply because we are conditioned to think that we can be Entertained, Made to feel worthy, We can be recognized, and possess anything,  in a flick of a switch.

Double click to be a friend, like someone you don’t know and have never met from afar, have a million followers and friends but have no one to help you when in need of assistance.

All this has opened us up to more great things but they will require time and effort to achieve. This is only for those willing to make that sacrifice and in time there will be profit. Are you willing to delay Gratification and wait till your business is really, ripe for the taking?


Old and authentic ways of living life may seem to be at the brink of extinction, but it is not true. Not all advancements in technology are to be quick and carefree. There are still things that require skills and finesse. That only comes with time and attention to detail. That can be archived through diligent and persistent building over substantial periods.

If you are looking for fast cash, no depth, no real purpose, you are in the wrong place.  But if you are looking for a guaranteed investment, which relies totally on your efforts and dedication, time, and precision of skill. You are making the right step. Joining my best recommendation, means you become part of a community that makes all the above possible.

Don’t waste time looking any further. Your “delay” will be worth your while. The journey of building a business that will carry you in difficult times and usher you into the future of abundance and prosperity.

Remember by recognizing things and doing things the old way does not necessarily mean you are old fashion. It could refer to being wise enough to see through the smokescreen that life and evolution have dealt us. In any case, I would rather build my fortune the old way with modern technology than build a business with old technology the new way. Food for thought!

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6 thoughts on “What Is Delaying Gratification?”

  1. Excellent article on the importance of delayed gratification. Without committing to a project fully there is no chance for long-term success. We must learn and apply what we learn and then over time see the results of our efforts. Thanks for this wonderful reminder. All the Best.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read William. Long-term success the words that many of us are now running away from, like young men running away from commitment. I truly hope we can find our way back to willpower and self-control.


  2. Delaying gratification, is it similar with procrastination?

    It demands commitment on our parts and focus to see through our projects, after reading your article, I have a feeling I need to take stock of my action and re focus

    1. Hi,

      While procrastination could have the same sentiment, it is not what I would encourage. Do what needs to be done swiftly to ensure your success,but don’t be in a hurry to see results. That you can deffinately delay. Like you wish to put it, “procrastinate” the need to see results untill the time is ready.
      Than you, for sharing.



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