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who hates their job?

You don’t have to look far and you will find many showing signs of fatigue and leak of enthusiasm, in what they do. We are then quickly led to think that, the reason for not liking what we do is not even in the present but a symptom of past failures to choose what we love, what excites us, but realize we made decisions to be matured and seek job security. Was that the reason, why Statistics on people who hate their jobs are so high?

Not all candidates fit that profile but a great number does. Some people are just stuck in a rut. It is quite clear there is a variety of individuals with different reasons why they are not happy where they are. Let’s explore this possibility.

What is their profile?

Many of us left school and there were obstacles that were holding us back from the onset.

  • Some struggled financially.
  • Some struggled with the education system.
  • Some had to follow what our families dictated.
  • Some inherited our parent’s burdens and had to step up.
  • Some were led by the state of the economy at that time (the only way to make money).

The list could go on and on. We now find ourselves ten years into our life, we realize there is no progress and decide we hate what we do. When you realize this, all the pricks relating to your job, regardless of how well it pays, will start surfacing and you will hate every moment.

Real-life experience.

I ones found me in that position. My boss was not the best at that time she just made it unbearable to be me in her company. I should thank her, I would not have moved on if it was not for her. I was actually so bad, I had to seek professional help. That goes for many employees and if it goes on unchecked we will have a really great problem on our hands.

So to cut the long story short I left, I just up and left. During that time I was very sensitive to anyone who was not happy where they were. I started speaking to everyone about what they were going through. Many young people were experiencing no job satisfaction. The source attributed it to being overworked and underpaid. Many said, but I cannot leave. It took me years to find a job.

What is the point?

The truth is, apart from the reasons stated above, high levels of unemployment and desperation are the main reasons why people are stark and can’t let go. This leaves us with more than half of employed communities, not happy with their jobs.

I found other ways to earn an income; the best would have been having my own Business. I tried for it but the time was not right. I ended following a new passion that had elements of the old passions. That was great till it was clear. I was stuck in a rut. With no sense of progress, anything you do in your field bares no real result. Everyone sees you, as insignificant and a loser. When your family stops seeing someone of value it is over. That could lead to nothing positive.

Where to from here?

We can talk nonstop about that, I am interested in how do we move forward and what solutions are there, it is not the money, it is not our level of Education and it is not the kinds of relationships we keep. It is all of it together.

We work to make money, the money makes our lives bearable, and we are able to take care of our loved ones. We enjoy life more when we are happy or passionate about what we do. When we love the people we are with when doing this life is made. That is all we are searching for. Some of us find it and some are still searching. What about you?

In Conclusion.

It is alarming the number of individuals I have met that are not happy with what they do. Keeping a Job you don’t like for the sake of an income is understandable but should not be right.

I suppose the same with love or any other activities you should be doing for most of your life. Finding the best that is out there for anyone should be not so hard. I guess it takes a lot for an individual to admit and take action. Action that benefits one’s desires and not hurt others.

I wish you all the best in recognizing that you are where you want to be and work at making it more fruitful.



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