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Starting a business online.

There I was hoping that I could start a business online. I thought, I mean a really thought it would all be free and I would post and traffic will come and I would monetize my site and all would be done. I heard someone speaking about blogging and I thought that is it, I will blog and my life would be set. This was over ten years ago. I wish I continued to research on my Insight and found out more about what I was on to.\

I recently spoke to a banker about how technology will freeze around me because I was not sure about the decision I was making with regard to my finances, I received my thirteenth Check and wanted to fix up my home pay off my credit, and close my account. Wanted to close my credit card, even though it was my line of cash flow. Without it, I would not be able to accomplish my hopes.

My Spouse, your wife.

She is a wonderful person, she would not have it any other way, no debts, pay cash, and close off any debts you have. She has worked very hard to be where she’s now. I was holding her back. The only way it would make sense would be if I do exactly what she demands.

I have done everything I could do to make sure that she was happy, but I guess that is what I think has always spent my money with disregard and wasted it all the time. At this point, you don’t want to try anything all the money is for groceries and any other thing you are told to do. Your life is set and can not do anything to enrich yourself because you have been wasting your wealth on the not important stuff.

Your time on Business limbo.

These are the things that you tried and never really made it. I tried the free blog because I could not afford to use any of the funds. It would not benefit my spouse so I could not invest in this. She got me a business planning book and I crushed the book and wrote up a business plan that was set to move the world. I walked to all support groups of SME’s and I could not qualify. I was too old to be supported. The banks wanted me to put up my home as collateral. I could not bring myself to even suggesting this to my spouse.

I was old, spineless, and had no balls to even try, she said “grow a pair”. Right there I knew, I would have to phantom a budget to bring it to life if I wanted to go into any business. She was doing all the lifting and I was dragging her down. The best she could have done would be to leave me.

End of Limbo and into Humble Beginnings.

I learned a new word and for some reason, I was rejuvenated. Like a good spouse, I asked and I was granted the go-ahead with zero budget. The days of my blog came back to haunt me. Well, It was time I brought my phantom budget to life. Affiliate, Affiliate marketing. Well, the funny thing is I got it through a very old site. I searched for free Affiliate programs. And I found this old post on how easy it would be and it is how you can make money online.

I was nostalgic thinking about my ten-year Blog! Eventually, I signed up for the 7days free trial. I came back and said to my Love. I found Wealthy Affiliate and it sounds great. Well, only on zero budget. Full steam ahead and I what on it. I go my first month for a reduced $ 19 premium, this would come to $ 49 in the following month, No stress at all I pressed on like a new heroin addict. I worked on the program for three months, worked myself from being no ranked to ranking in the three digits ranks.

The hardest thing is to find yourself asking for help from your family. You hope and wish it is the last time but it is never. Eventually, you decide to go into online work and everyone turns their back and hopes it ends soon. They think it is a pipe dream, for people who are lazy to hold a real job. I have held real jobs for most of my life, and help three at the same time at one point. It is petty I am the only one who recalls this time in my life.

The jobs you Love to hate.

I held good respectable jobs. I guess they were also piping dreams as I could never earn enough to make my wife happy. With the greatest passion for the work that I did and always left the work in a good spirit, with all my subordinates happy that our paths met.

Who knows? Maybe they were happy I was leaving on they would soon get to fill one of the positions I held. In one of the jobs, I left and just up and left. One of my superiors was malicious. She treated me like I was. What is the lowest that someone could be disrespectful to you? She would read my reports out loud and ridicule my lack of writing ability. There was hope for me in that office but I guess it was not meant.

Stop Risking/Wasting your life for something that has no future gain for YOU! Be your Own Boss! lick here!

Rising from the ashes.

I sort help and one of my Psychologists said I left because of pride. Pride or no pride was broken and wanted to save my marriage which was on ht e rocks. That was first misread as pride and now it was me being me pipe dream after pipe dream. Well, I lost what I thought I was saving. DON’T GET ME WRONG! I and still with my wife of over sixteen years. She hates the ground that I walk on, she tolerates me. Well, you never know what is a woman wants.

Rise from the ashes and click here to #BuildingMyEmpire.


I am in my third month and things are supposed to be getting better now says Kyle. I hope I am rising from the ashes. know I am. I said to Kyle. the only thing that is left is converting traffic into sales and revenue. I now own Two websites, that are properly set up to give me what I had hoped for with that blog I had. For now, it has been a great deal of work and it continues to be,

In conclusion.

I am in a better space. My zero Phantom budget continues to support this so-called pipe dream. From where I am standing there is too much hope and promise. Everyone in the house is fine with me working every evening after work. My youngest misses having Daddy to herself. The boys are starved as I don’t cook as often as I used to. My eldest is hopeful. She starts Varsity soon.

I Believe so. So what’s this got to do with insight? Find yours and you will know. Follow your Pipe Dreams they lead somewhere great. Many great businesses that I now get to review started as dreams. Why not you and me?

Thank you for reading.


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