What Makes a Business Idea Work?

March 13, 2021 5 Comments

Building My Empire.

Business is not easy, many start but only a few see the days of fruition, the profit of success. What really makes someone stay in a specific business and see it through to the days of prosperity?  Why do some businesses succeed and some don’t?

We have looked at a number of possible strategies that would help your business to last but is that enough? The importance of planning is vital and should always be at the forefront. Having some insight into your business is integral to this success. Team selection, Marketing, Budgeting, and Missions and Visions all-important in the planning but is that all.

Every successful business person will have an ace up their sleeve; generally successful persons have an edge that separates them from those who always go for unsuccessful pursuits.

Winners and Losers?

Having to think about it there are no losers or winners but entrepreneurs that desire to quit or let go and those who hang on and persist. Whether they are successful or not we can not say. Sometimes you cannot quantify what makes you great at your business or less great.

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They say “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder” and “one duck in the hand is not worth losing for two in the pond”. Knowing what you possess in your business, knowing your worth is important, it makes it easy to hold on to. Your own personal drive is what determines your success, which makes it very important to have a drive that is motivated by inward forces, more than the one driven by outside forces. So it is of paramount importance to know and accept your worth from within. “Know thy Self”.

What is your drive and how to let it guide you?

When we looked at your Vision, Mission, Niche, and your Insight into your business, these were all influenced by character and what you believe in. Your motivations to be in your line of business are what makes you wake up in the morning and continue to press on. The question is, is it intrinsic or extrinsic?

Let’s look at the two entrepreneurs and you can tell me which one you would like to be?

Business Person A – Looked at what people wanted and was told that people need to be sold to and if you are a great marketer you could sell ice to Eskimo people. And he continued to Iceland and tried selling ice to Icelanders. His business thrived and proved that he was the greatest in sales. He, later on, sold his business and moved on to live his life, not as a marketer but advising people about building businesses and selling them for profit.

Business Person 1 – This business person knew that they would be the best at what he would do and opened a fidget store and sold to many customers in their city, after fulfilling that goal they continued to work for the same customers servicing their refrigerators, well into his/ her retirement.

There is no point in your choice of who lived their dream.  Whether the idea comes from you or was inspired by an outside force. Both businesses were seen through and the only one that did not make it is the one I am not talking about right now.

Peruse whatever business you are interested in and see it through plan find motivation and do your level best to achieve your objectives.  They do not have to meet the criteria set by society only if your intention is met, it is good enough.

Why are you into your Business?

This is one question that that many people fail when going into Business we presume that we all go in to make money.  Well, I say if your Drive is to help others, go for it. If your Motivation is to make Loads of money do it. If you are looking into building something for your next generation start now because there is no better time than the present.

Searching for Business Ethics.

I always hoped to be the best at what I do in business without turning to unscrupulous dealings and losing myself to bad work ethics, trying to make money. I then turned to prayer to ask for wisdom and guidance to be good and never go beyond and sell my soul, just to make a buck.

Witnessing successful business entrepreneurs succeed because of bad business practice and not only that but seeing someone being mean for the sake of profit or holding on to monetary gratification made me think I could not be that kind of person. Now the question is, can I be a business person and be successful without being mean and inconsiderate?

Money can turn you into a very bad person, can it? It can get you all the materialistic things you want and get things done but I hoped not to lose myself to wealth when it comes. I used to think that no one goes into business thinking they would one day be the ghastly, unscrupulous business people I described. That, it only happens when they make more money, I thought hard and became worried when I realized I might have to be selfish to make it in business.  Be a little mean! I don’t know and I would not like to be judgemental even though I already am.

So, how do you stay good and still make it in business?

Sometimes I think that the reason it is taking me longer to make money, though my intentions are pure and I would like to improve not only my life but the lives of many with my wealth, is because I lack heartlessness and I have an abundance of love and care for others. How do I then keep my best and make it?

This is a story for another day for me because I have not made any money this far and hope it can change very soon.  I have seen some Affiliates who are already making some money. My loved ones are looking and long started to doubt if this was a scam. Was I being taken for a ride?

It is not the first time I ask this question I have in my previous articles. What I can say towards this heading is:

  • This is all mines.
  • I am well aware of how much I am putting into it.
  • I see my articles being indexed on Google every week and that is progress.
  • When I make it I will look back and share confidently for now I keep the faith.

When the followers of a great Man were asked if they believed, if they did not believe they turn back and go back to their old lives they responded by asking where would they go back to they had spent their lives with the Great Man and that’s all the new what would they go back to?

When the time comes I hope I can let go and not cling on to a loss. I have pledged to go on for a year. I hope and with faith that I will start showing some revenue.

Surviving by your Beliefs and your Resolve.

When you do decide to join this business you should be aware it is not a get rich quick scheme but an investment of time. Whether you are in for a long stint or just for a quickie you will need some intrinsic determination that is known by you alone. Regardless that you may find support from your family, loved ones, or your friends, the end and the beginning of your strength, your muse is only known to you and only you can keep it alive or let it fade away.

My Business is not my life yet!

Someone once said my business is my life, avoiding the risk of sounding judgemental I responded by saying, it is possible but it is not a given and should not be set for everyone but you most certainly can work towards that Awesome reality. I remember working abroad with my Directors, I observed them. A couple working together, everything they did way the same as how it would be backing home at our Center.  They were together for all their daily activities. I had left my wife and child back at home. I remember saying to myself, wow my boss’s life is their Business. Meaning their Business was their life and they have earned the right to say that.

Not I, my wife and child were back at home, my family is my life, I have earned the right to say that.  Should my business allow me similar privileges like my boss’s, then I can say my business is my life. I am still working on that.

I can see that possibility with this Business; give it some time when it does happen I will gain the right to say my business is my life, but not for now. While I am building and not sure if it will work, I hope it does, I do my utmost best to keep writing and creating content and “Building my Empire”.


I have seen all sorts of motivated business people and heard stories about their Juju, and what they do to make sure their businesses thrive.  It can be prayer, a sacrifice to the gods, or philosophy from Aristotle, whatever fuels your drive and helps you channel the winner in you, Summon it and do great things in your business.

Remember that only you can decide to start, end, or bring success to your establishment. You are the supper Affiliate, you can be.  Let them talk and gear at you when you thrive, you can be sure you will see the reflection of the person who carried the Drive, The Vision, and The Mission of your Business. Carry it with Pride it is all yours.

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5 thoughts on “What Makes a Business Idea Work?”

  1. Hey, I really like this article; with it hitting the right place at the right time, I got to love this; it is very motivating and basically telling you to check yourself and your business.
    What you said in this article is so true in many cases.
    Thank you for the encouragement to keep pressing on.

    1. Thank you, Earl, for taking the time to read. I am glad you could find some motivation in your reading. Yes, we can only press on and hope to do well and future Affiliates.

      All the best in your Business.


  2. Thanks so much, Ntlhane for this reality-based perspective on building a business. It does take proper planning and then much repetition and practice making adjustments along the way. Each small step taken on a daily basis is critical to long-term success. All the Best.

  3. Starting a business is not easy, you have to plan first and then take action. Along the way, you will have to make adjustments because no business goes as planned in the beginning there are always adjustments along the way but as long as you stick to the plan believe in yourself, and do what is needed you will eventually get there.

    1. Sometimes we don’t know what is needed to succeed and end up taking the wrong path to try and make up for lack of wisdom.
      Some just choose to lose their way and become bad.

      I hope we stay true and ethical in our dealings.



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