Wix Web Builder Review – 2021

July 1, 2021 4 Comments

Wix Logo ScreenshotProduct Name: Wix.com

Website: https://Wix.com

Product Costs:

Founders: Avishai Abrahami Co-founder and CEO, Giora Kaplan Co-founder & CTO, Nadav Abrahami Co-founder & VP Client Development and Nir Zohar COO

Overall rank: 02 out of 100


This is a review of Wix.com, a phenomenal eCommerce software company. I will do my best to give this great company a just review. The best would go direct to their wonderful site to see for yourself how great their products are. Our review hardly scratches the surface of this maze of a website. It is fairly easy to follow but has a vast ray of products; you may lose your way. Find the best for your business set up with Wix.

The company was Co-founded by an experienced team entrepreneur-led now by the CEO Avishai Abrahami. Avishai founded and sold AIT Company in 1994 and sold it in 1997. Now he leads Wix, a company co-founded as a start-up in 2006. This was not the only start-up he was involved in. He has led several before coming to Wix. Avishai leads Wix alongside a formidable team, including Giora Kaplan Co-founder & CTO, Nadav Abrahami Co-founder & VP of Client Development, and Nir Zohar COO.

Creating a website of your choice.

This platform gives you the opportunity to create your own website from scratch. You can be able to design and manage your website with great ease. Develop and control your web presence the very way you would like.

Whatever you are looking into for your new business, building a blog, creating a web-based store, promoting your business, you can do it all with Wix Web Builder.

To erect your unique Online Presence you only need to follow a few easy steps.

  • Customize
  • Advanced Features
  • Mobile View
  • Search Engine Optimization

Customize your site – by selecting a template and customizing it to your specific taste or via an ADI by simply answering a few questions and get a free website designed just for you.

Add Advanced Features – Add some of your favorite features and add more later. Add your blog, and the online store and accept bookings online.

Edit your Mobile View – Take a look at your mobile-optimized version of your site and connect to the mobile editor for, and even more personalized view of your site.

Optimize For Search Engine – Optimize your site for search engines by answering a few simple questions about your site, locations, and keywords and get a personalized plan for SEO’s to get found online.

Professional Website Designs.

Choose from a selection of over five hundred professionally designed websites, to find the one that speaks to your business model and meets your business needs.Wix Custom Web Design Screenshot 1

The Wix Editor

The Wix editor provides total design freedom as you build your site from the bottom up. After selecting the template of your choice, built by drag and drop website builder, bring your website to life with video backgrounds, scroll effects, and animation with the Editor. The Editor can assist you to create your site exactly the way you want it.

Get online Fast – With the Wix ADI.Wix Custom Web Design Screenshot 3

Type in a few answers and answer to the Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) and the ADI will instantly build a personalized site with complete web images. You can choose your preference and change layouts and add any features required for your business, like an online buying system. With only one click when you are ready to go live.

Wix Custom Web Design Screenshot 4Velo by Wix – Open Dev Platform and build your web applications with serverless computing and stress-free coding. Add your own coding in the built-in IDE and manage all your content from the integrated Database, and work in your own environment while you connect to hundreds of APIs. In addition, you get Freedom for the Wix Editor and optimize your business application.

The amazing built-in features to help grow your Online Business include.

Wix Custom Domains Screenshot
  • Online Store
  • Online Scheduling Software
  • Personal Blog
  • Logo Maker
  • Custom Domain
  • SEO Tools


Build your Online Store

Wix eCommerce –A comprehensive solution for all entrepreneurs looking to grow their existing flourishing businesses online and those looking to start an online Business This industry-leading eCommerce website builder with advanced business features can help you launch, run and scale your online store with success.

Set up your Store in Seven Simple Steps

  • Sign up for your account and sign in.
  • Select your store from 500 + professional online store templates
  • Customize your design selection
  • Add products to your store
  • Setup Shipping and connect payment provide
  • Choose custom Domain
  • Publish your eCommerce website and start selling
  • Amazing Training and Webinars on How to create your store Check it out.

Wix Video On Marketing Screenshort
Scheduling Software – Allows clients to book appointments or services and pay online. The software gives access to hosting online conferencing via Zoom to reach your clients anywhere in the world. You can manage, staff, attendance clients, and calendars. Run your business from any device with the Wix app and get analytic to track your business performance.

Wix Scheduling tools Screenshot

Online scheduling

Manage your schedule and streamline businesses with all-in-one booking solutions. Display Pricing, timetable, and services. Collect customer information with customs booking forms and send SMS and e-mail booking reminders.

Sell services

Sell your services directly from your website; reduce the hustle of booking by allowing your clients to book directly from your calendar. Reach your clients from any were in the world and offer a variety of services online.

  • Classes
  • Appointments
  • Bundle services into plans, membership, and packages.

Calendar Management

From a single dashboard manage all your calendars and get the freedom you need to make online scheduling do well for your Business.

  • Schedule around your real-time availability
  • Set default working hours
  • Auto-adjust bookings from time zones
  • Create rules and policies for booking
  • Sync your team’s calendars

Payment and Financial Solutions

Clients can pay via Digital wallets, credit, or cash. Manage all your transactions and finances from an integrated dashboard by connecting to your preferred payment provider.

  • Accept payment in forty currencies
  • Connect to – Wix Payment, Stripe, Alipay, PayPal, and more
  • Integrate with professional payment tools, like QuickBooks
  • Send your clients invoices and quotations

Wix Payment solutions Screenshot

Membership Packages

Offer membership plans, Subscription, Limited discounts, punch cards, and free trials.

  • Open trial sessions
  • Sell members-only content
  • Accept recurring payments
  • Offer discounts and coupons
  • Provide exclusive services

Staff Management

Set permissions and roles for staff to book and manage their sessions. Manage staff schedules and track performance.

  • Add your staff member hours
  • Set roles and permission
  • Track staff performance
  • Assign sessions and classes

Client Management

Build and manage clients and send automated confirmations, updates, and reminders on booked sessions.

  • Create detailed membership profiles
  • Reduce missed appointments with e-mail and SMS reminders.
  • Send updates
  • Chat with members
  • Get new clients and Contacts

Grow your Business

  • Find out how visitors get to you
  • Analyze your finances
  • Track client attendance
  • Focus on your most popular services
  • Get Tips To Grow your Online Business

Add you your Wix Mobile App

Schedule and stay connected to your clients with the Wix member App. And manage all your business affairs from anywhere from the palm of your hand.

  • Promote and Market your business with Advanced Marketing tools
  • Engage your Social Media and Share Posts
  • Get Traffic from SEO
  • Turn leads into clients
  • And promote With E-mail Marketing
  • Choose from handers’ of scheduling template

The website plans and the Business & eCommerce Plans.

The website Premium Plans.

Starting With the Connect Domain.

This is the most basic connection that comes with your Custom Domain, Free SSL Certificate, 1 Gigabyte Bandwidth, and 500 MB storage space.

This will display Wix ads!

Cost:$4,50 p/m

The second is the Combo.

It is meant for personal use comes with your Custom Domain, free domain for a year, remove Wix ads option, Free SSL Certificate, 2 Gigabyte Bandwidth, 3Gigabyte storage space, and 30 Minutes Video Hours.

Cost: $8, 50 p/m

Third, is the Ultimate

Mainly for entrepreneurs and freelancers, the most popular and comes with your Custom Domain, free domain for a year, remove Wix ads option, Free SSL Certificate Unlimited Bandwidth, 10 Gigabyte storage space, 1 hour of Video Hours, $75 Ad Voucher, Site Booster App (free for a year) and Visitor Analytic App(free for a year).

Cost: $12, 50 p/m

Lastly the VIP

All packages come with comes with 24/7 customer care but VIP gets Priority Customer care. With Custom Domain, free domain for a year, remove Wix ads option, Free SSL Certificate Unlimited Bandwidth, 35 Gigabyte storage space, 5 hours of Video Hours, $75 Ad Voucher, Site Booster App (free for a year), Visitor Analytic App(free for a year), Professional Logo and Social Medial Logo Files.

Cost: $24, 50 p/m

The eCommerce & Business plans.

These are divided into three.

  • Business Basic – Accept Online Business.           Cost: $17 p/m
  • Business Unlimited – Grow your Business.         Cost: $25 p/m
  • Business VIP –Get the Full Suite                         Cost: $35 p/m

My take on this awesome product.

Wix is most definitely user-friendly and allows the user freedom to express their design palette. But this falls through if the user has no eye for good designs. I would still get a designer to get the full potential of Wix. I would also take the advantage of using a skilled coder as Wix allows the code for customization for experienced coders.

The cost of the products per month is not so steep; you can afford additional support from skilled designers to create a more outrageous eCommerce store of website.

With over 180 million users it would sound smarter to get the VIP level in everything to secure Priority in customer care.

Being able to control your business at all levels is priceless and being able to do exactly that with Wix means a great deal to me. Freedom to try the product for free for two weeks speaks volumes as well. While it is obvious where am I leaning with this amazing software I would still advise you to take the free 14 days to really scrutinize this vast product to see if it will suit your entire needs.


  • The software is User friendly and easy to use.
  • You can add on and subtracts services.
  • 14 Day free trial.


  • You still need to be a Design survey to get the best results.
  • Build free Website

Find a free website at the Bottom!


While there are so many All-in-one products, Wix.com has shown that it is one to include with the cream of the crop. The product is phenomenal and has been around almost for over two decades showed that they are here to stay and are worth your investment.

For someone building a new business, it would be advised to take your time and build in phases. The product does allow you to build on it as you grow.

Should you need to expand and upsize there is room, with services to partner with trusted partners to grow your business right from within the Wix Network.

There is really more to Wix than just a simple design tool to build your store, it has the potential to strategize and grow your company with the best SEO, Social Media, Marketing tools your money can buy.

Product Name: Wix.com

Website: https://Wix.com

Product Costs:

Founders: Avishai Abrahami Co-founder and CEO, Giora Kaplan Co-founder & CTO, Nadav Abrahami Co-founder & VP Client Development and Nir Zohar COO

Overall rank: 02 out of 100

Verdict: 100 % Legit

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4 thoughts on “Wix Web Builder Review – 2021”

  1. Wix sounds like a great company with a massive amount of features for someone to come in and create a simple website from the templates and set up an online store. The pricing is very good although I couldn’t see a mention of any training. 

    Are the training and a community included? All in all a great safe place to start a business and get your blog off the ground. Especially if you already know the basics of how to run an online business. Great review thanks.

    1. Hi Lily, The community is vast, and there are forums you could join. Wix runs a training program through interactive videos. There is one introduction to marketing on the review just to give an idea of their awesome training.

      Thank you for taking the time to read, it is quite clear that you have a vast knowledge of Wix, we glad we could part of your journey. We are looking forward to seeing you again.


  2. Hi there. I was just looking through your article there and it sounds like Wix is pretty cool. I have never used Wix before but I have used quite a few different web builders over the years. I  currently use WordPress. In your own opinion, which would you say is best web builder? Wix or WordPress?

    1. Hi Kwidzin,

      It is a pleasure to receive your comment and we really appreciate your request. My response to your question is it depends on your needs. Do you only want to build a website or are also interested in an eCommerce business?

      For an eCommerce business in WordPress, it will work but you will have to deal with other service providers for other features you will need to run your business, in form of plugins. With Wix add-ons, you can able to deal with only one provider for all your business needs. WordPress provides variety and Wix reduces the administration horrors of dealing with too many people.

      Having said that I would say you have an informed decision in front of you.

      Thank you, for taking the time to visit. We look forward to your, purchase.



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